One of the world’s biggest chemical companies is now using recycled plastic to build new roads.

The planet has a massive problem with plastic.

On the macro level, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which lies between the coast of California and Hawaii, is made use of 1.8 trillion fragments of plastic debris and is twice the dimensions of the Texas.

On a micro degree, a recent study published in The Guardian was indicated that microplastic pollution has been procured “everywhere” they’ve appeared, from the UK’s ponds and rivers to U.S. groundwater to the Yangtze river in China and off coast of Spain.

One of the world’s largest the manufacturers of the planet’s biggest nuisance, Dow Chemical, has observed a practical way to reuse plastic, keeping it our of our landfills and oceans.

In 2017, the company began building roads employing recycled plastic and its already saved 220,000 poundsfrom going into landfills.

It all started when Indonesia, the world’s second-largest donor to marine plastic contamination, reached out to Dow for a solution to its question. So Dow helped present the Indonesians how to convert their plastic into streets. The company then carried out similar efforts in Thailand and India.

In February, Dow delivered their recycling program stateside by paving two private roads at their facilities in Freeport, Texas utilizing 1,700 pounds of recycled plastic.

In addition to reducing pollution, plastic streets are likewise more durable than those developed with asphalt. A 2015 study out of Denmark says plastic roads can last-place up to 50 times, three times longer than a traditional asphalt potpourrus.

Plastic roads are also more resistant to corrosion and weather than asphalt which may reduce the increasing numbers of potholes.

Conversely, some environmentalists fear that heating the plastic to turn it into streets may release toxic fumes that are harmful to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Dow says its new roads are constructed with a mix of asphalt and plastic, but it won’t expose the exact percentage of each material.

Plastic roads would help solve two major difficulties the United States is facing. It is the world’s twelfth-largest producer of marine plastic and is in need of a major infrastructure upgrade. When the Trump Administration ultimately gets to infrastructure week, this should be a identified priority.

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