NRATV Host Grant Stinchfield: Anti-Gun Marie Claire Should Stick to Beauty Tips

Because we watch Trumpland TV so you don’t have to, today we learned that NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield believes that women’s magazines are simply meant for glamour tips and are not supposed to publish clauses of further essence or political content.

In the February issue of Marie Claire , Assistant Digital Editor Rachel Epstein detailed the run of the H.R. 8 Universal Background Checks bill in the House of Representatives. She explained the effect the bill would have if it passes the Senate and then to President Trump.

However, Stinchfield was not fond of the publication daring to share with its readers anything outside of beauty ads and hairstyle write-ups.

” Is this what readers of Marie Claire are subjected to–not beauty tips-off but anti-gun propaganda ?”

The article explained why the bipartisan firearm statute is important for preventing mass shootings, necessitating all artillery merchants to conduct background checks on customers. Even Trump mentioned the strengthening of background checks after the lethal Feb. 2018 Parkland school shooting.

” The author cannot consider themselves a reporter ,” Stinchfield said, criticizing Epstein.” A real columnist would call the NRA. Call me, for crying out loud .”

The NRATV host continued to heckle the writer and the magazine’s mission statement, which he felt did not correlate with the content of the article.

Marie Claire ‘ s website shall include an indication that the publication is a” lively mingled of reported aspects, thoughtful essays, voicey news coverage, and clever style and charm service” and that they” provide smart ladies the content they want .”

Even if Stinchfield wants to believe that the publication is merely” found in the hands of loosening girls ,” Marie Claire offers a variety of horizontals for the interest of their audience and indicates trending topics of the time. Stinchfield’s suggestion that wives needed to be be reading content he approves is–shocking–nothing more than outdated, out-of-touch, and, of course, merely a tad misogynistic.

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