Breitbart: Feminists are becoming witches to hex Donald Trump

Feminists have a new style to fight back against President Donald Trump. Chiefly, they’re all becoming witches. At least, that’s what one Breitbart writer believes, according to a new aspect tale is issued by Breitbart Tech.

In reporter Charlie Nash’s piece “# MagicResistance: The Rise of Feminist Witchcraft ,” he argues being a feminist and being a witch has become “intertwined,” with” an increase in political mass hexes” against President Trump. Why? That’s partly because Lana Del Rey joined a coven to hex the president.

” Following President Trump’s inauguration, witches, covens, and even -Alist luminaries started to hex the president with frequent’ incantations, ‘” Nash wrote in the aspect story.” Maybe sorcery was only a excuse for feminists to pretend to be Hogwarts students from their beloved Harry Potter series .”

Nash afterwards went on Breitbart Radio to argue the level, chit-chat with Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow. Opening the segment, Marlow went on to say the tale was ” altogether backed up and verified ,” after which Nash said he does believe magical feminists are growing in recent years.

” If you look at some of the photos, some of them have these truly elaborated altars and tables with candles and pentagrams and all sorts of other strange imagery ,” Nash explained to Marlow.” Likewise, there’s a picture of the chairman or Don, Jr ., whoever they want to hex .”

Nash likewise should be pointed out that, based on his discussions with a adherent for the Church of Satan from Anton LaVey, that the occult is on the rise once again through feminists.

” I think it’s definitely a reality that occultism is becoming an increasing thing under Trump ,” he said, adding,” It’s triggered and triggering. They like to trigger other people with their witchcraft tittering .”

The Daily Dot reached out to both Nash and Breitbart Tech’s Allum Bokhari for note and is awaiting a reaction. Meanwhile, Nash’s beliefs going to go viral, with feminists clanging the alarm after Breitbart ultimately learned the truth about third-wave feminism.

Some are hearing Nash’s name for the first time. And Breitbart Tech’s, too.

And honestly, who doesn’t want to be a witch?

Are feminists truly becoming witches, though? Well, Nash’s story actually outlines on a piece for the Baffler from Laurie Penny, who argues witchcraft is” back in vogue “ and that witchery has a “proud legacy” for” revolutionary goals .” Rather, sorcery and the occult become ways to comprehend power.

” We live in a world-wide where the nature and rule of power–cultural, political, and economic–is deliberately obliterate and occluded, where truth is a moveable sum that can be shaped according to the whims of the mighty, aided by types of technology that we are told are too advanced for our peasant brains to see ,” Penny writes.” Resistance moves seek to change the histories of influence, and what else is a witch but a break level in that tale ?”

While some feminists certainly believe in magic and the occult, and many feminists do practice magical in a religion feel, others are simply espousing witchery for the aesthetic. Since feminism is a gargantuan movement with various decentralized niches and groups, it’s pretty difficult to claim that every single feminist becomes an witch.

So no, feminists aren’t literally becoming witches. They’re just making witchcraft chill again. And hexing the president while they’re at it.

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