Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders ejected from Virginia restaurant

July 21, 2018

In week of controversy over household separation policy, staffer announces she was asked to leave because I work for POTU The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, claimed on Saturday that she was hurled out of a restaurant because she works for Donald Trump. Social media erupted, with some lavishing kudo on the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, for taking a moral stand. Others sympathetic to the chairman exhorted…


I, Donald Trump, look forward to not meeting anyone in Britain, England

July 19, 2018

British people like me a lot. The police build barriers to stop me get mobbed I‘d like to start by thanking myself bigly for find the time to talk to you at this press conference. As many of you will know, the chairperson of the United States of America is a very busy mortal. Maybe the busiest human in the world. And no chairperson has ever been busier than me….


The death of truth: how we gave up on facts and ended up with Trump

July 18, 2018

Truth decay has been spreading for decades. How can we stop alternative realities from bringing down democracy, questions Michiko Kakutani Two of the most monster regimes in human history came to power in the 20 th century, and the two are determined in accordance with the violation and despoiling of true, on the knowledge that cynicism and weariness and anxiety can make people susceptible to the lies and false-hearted promises…


Mexico election: historic landslide victory for leftist Amlo

July 11, 2018

Baseball-loving nationalist who counts Jeremy Corbyn as a pal will be the new president A baseball-loving leftwing nationalist who has vowed to crack down on dishonesty, draw rein Mexico’s war on drugs and rule for the poorest of the poor has been elected president of Latin America’s second-largest economy. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a silver-haired 64 -year-old who is best known as Amlo and called Lopez Obrador to offer his…


Fears mount over WhatsApp’s role in spreading fake news

July 10, 2018

App blamed for circulating false information in India, Brazil, Kenya and now the UK Abijeet Nath and Nilotpal Das were driving back from a inspect to a waterfall in the Indian state of Assam earlier this month when they stopped in village representatives to ask for directions. The two men were drawn out of their auto and thumping to fatality by a rabble who accused them of stealing infants. ”…


Demagogues and charlatans are stoking fear, says Joe Biden

July 9, 2018

Former US vice-president compares situation to 1930 s as migration convulses politics The former US vice-president Joe Biden has accused” demagogues and charlatans” of stirring up voters’ horrors just as they did in the 1930 s as the issue of migration threshes politics on both sides of the Atlantic. Biden, seen as a potential Democratic party candidate against Donald Trump in 2020, did not mention the US president by identify…


Mike Pompeo loses temper when asked about North Korean disarmament

July 8, 2018

Secretary of state told reporters joint statement did not contain all that had been agreed in principle with Pyongyang Mike Pompeo has said the US and North Korea are close to agreement on a broad range of issues, but has flogged out at reporters when asked about how Pyongyang’s disarmament would be verified. The US secretary of state was talking to columnists the day after insisted the US would require…


Anthony Bourdain, TV chef and travel host, found dead aged 61

July 2, 2018

CNN, which aired Bourdains show Parts Unknown, substantiated his death and said it was suicide The girlfriend of TV chef Anthony Bourdain has paid tribute to his” brilliant, fearless intent” as friends and family reacted with shock to his death at the age of 61. CNN, which hosted Bourdain’s globetrotting culinary travelling guidebook Parts Unknown, supported Bourdain’s death on Friday and “says its” suicide. The CNN chief executive, Jeff Zucker,…


Separation at the border: children wait in cages at south Texas warehouse

June 28, 2018

US Border Patrol allows reporters to inspects but does not allow pictures or interviews at maintaining facility housing offsprings as young as four Inside an old-fashioned warehouse in south Texas, hundreds of children wait away from their parents in a series of enclosures created by metal fencing. One cage had 20 children inside. Scattered about are bottles of sea, bags of chips and large foil sheets intended to serve as…


Arkady Babchenko reveals he faked his death to thwart Moscow plot

June 28, 2018

Russian columnist buffoons worlds media by staging his murder in elaborated strategy with Ukraine Arkady Babchenko, the Russian reporter whose murder was dramatically announcement by Ukraine on Tuesday, rose very much alive on Wednesday and said he had faked his own demise in order to frustrate a plot by Moscow to kill him. Smiling, and appearing a little sheepish, Babchenko showed before a surreal press conference held by Ukraine’s SBU…


Why does Trump hate Jeff Bezos: is it about power or money?

June 27, 2018

The owner of Amazon and the Washington Post continues his counseling, spurring the president to ever-greater rage Nestled between the delegation of Myanmar and the biggest house in Washington DC is taking shape. A yellow-bellied digger is parked outside, construction workers throw sandbags over their backs, and thick-skulled black tubings stretch from high-pitched windows to the field like the leg of a giant octopus. Inside, a foreman in a baseball…


US clothing firm takes swipe at Melania Trump with ‘I really care’ charity jacket

June 26, 2018

Wildfang company in Oregon to sell jacket for $98 with all proceeds going to Texas-based refugee advocacy group A US clothing corporation is taking a sartorial swipe at Melania Trump, selling jackets bearing the slogan” I actually care, don’t you ?” in response to the” a Texas-based refugee and immigrant advocacy group, told Emma McIlroy, chief executive of the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services( Raices) in…


Rule of law ‘virtually absent’ in Venezuela, UN report says

June 23, 2018

Government forces-out carry out assassinates with impunity, with credible, scandalizing the reporting of extrajudicial killings of young men Government security forces in increasingly authoritarian tactics as Venezuela’s economy has spiralled deeper into recession and hyperinflation, fuelling discontent and stimulating hundreds of thousands to emigrate in the past year. About 125 people died in Read more: https :// world/ 2018/ jun/ 22/ venezuela-rule-of-law-virtually-absent-un-report


Trump: I’ll know whether Kim summit will be successful ‘in first minute’

June 22, 2018

President speaks to press at international elevation in Canada, “says hes” is likely to be guided in nuclear talks by merely my touching, my feel Donald Trump on Saturday said his peak with Kim Jong-un in Singapore would be a” one-time shooting “. Speaking to reporters at the G7 summit in La Malbaie, Canada, the US president projected confidence over the prospects for a deal on denuclearization, stating:” I envision…


‘The bromance of the century’: Trump’s bizarre trailer for his summit with Kim | Peter Bradshaw

June 20, 2018

The US president presented North Koreas leader with an action-movie trailer as part of their Singapore meeting. The Guardian manager cinema critic isnt impressed * Deep bass voice*” In a world-wide … where can-do guys and deal-makers get betrayed at every turn by whiny Canadians, finger-wagging Germans and traitorous so-called reformist uncles who sadly needed to be executed for their own good, two men stood tall. Two friends. Two heroes…


Tourists and tech bring resilient Iceland back from the brink

June 17, 2018

When the country lets its banks go bust 10 years ago, there appear to be no timetable for recuperation. Things have changed Ten times since the found guilty in a special trial staged after the gate-crash– ostensibly for failing to hold emergency locker fulfills in the run-up to it- and the country supplanted him with Johanna Sigurdardottir. Driving through Reykjavik past the governmental forces home( originally created as a prison…


Say hello to Justin Trudeau, the world’s newest oil executive | Bill McKibben

June 15, 2018

The Canadian “ministers ” presents himself as a climate hero. By promising to nationalise the Kinder Morgan pipeline, he uncovers his true self In case anyone meditated, this is how the world purposes: with the cutest, progressivest, boybandiest president in the world proceeding amply in the cistern for the oil industry. Justin Trudeau’s government Sign up to receive the latest US sentiment articles every weekday I was in Vancouver two…


Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8m homes

June 13, 2018

Defence pamphlet shows how population can prepare in occurrence of attack and contribute to countrys total defence The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8 m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war. Om krisen eller kriget kommer ( If crisis or campaign arrives) explains how people…


Argentina agrees to $50bn loan from IMF amid national protests

June 9, 2018

Outcry as country requests assistance from international lender after peso plummets The International Monetary Fund has stepped in to shore up the Argentinian economy with a $50 bn( PS37bn) loan agreement. Argentina requested assistance from the international lender of last resort on 8 May after the peso weakened aggressively in an investor exodus from emerging markets. As part of the bargain, which is subject to IMF board approval, the government…


Cyprus to step up security checks in cash-for-citizenship scheme

May 26, 2018

After criticism of the scheme applicants will be subjected to most rigorous vetting process Cyprus has sought to curb criticism of its golden visa strategy, saying it will tighten vetting procedures for investors determined to acquire European citizenship. With disapproval of the controversial cash-for-citizenship programme on the rise, the island announced that security checks would be accelerate the process. Under the renamed” Cypriot investment strategy” the number of members of…