Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’, Bannon says in explosive book

January 15, 2018

Former White House strategist quoted in Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff, as saying: Theyre going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has described the Trump Tower meeting between the president’s son and a group of Russians during the 2016 electoral campaign as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”, according to an explosive new book visualized by the Guardian. Natalia Veselnitskaya at…


Trumps Bannon outburst removes any shred of presidential decorum | Richard Wolffe

January 11, 2018

This latest playground brawl are inevitably signify the end of any brand-new year hopes for a return to sanity or normalcy The sight of Donald Trump squabbling with his former strategist Steve Bannon carries a remarkable similarity to two ferrets negotiating the inside of a bag. It seems the two men who engineered the “populist” takeover of the White House are rather less popular with each other than they used…


Roy Moore battles bigotry claims on eve of Alabama vote: ‘Our attorney is a Jew’

January 2, 2018

War veteran pretensions Republican candidate formerly turned down inspect to Vietnam brothel, as Democrat Doug Jones advises voters to take the right road The Republican candidate Roy Moore and supporters have mounted a series of extraordinary character defenses as his US Senate race with Democrat Doug Jones headed towards a photo finish. At a rally on Monday evening, Moore’s wife, Kayla, rejected the allegations of antisemitism, offering as evidence:” One…


Bit by bit, Trump is taking apart the New Deals glorious legacy | Heather Richardson

December 31, 2017

With massive excise slasheds projected to create a $1.5 tn deficiency, cuts to social security and Medicare is certainly follow Since January, “theres been” frightening signs that America is becoming an oligarchy manage by a dictator. From the first, Donald Trump has followed an authoritarian playbook, beginning with his rejection of objective world. Forced early on to defend the assertion that the crowd at Kellyanne Conway has pointed out that…


Two women allege Al Franken touched their buttocks at campaign events

November 28, 2017

Minnesota Democrat not seen in public since first accusations says of new assertions its difficult to respond to anonymous accusers Two more women have alleged inappropriate behavior by the Minnesota Democrat Al Franken, “says hes” touched their buttocks during campaign occurrences in his first run for the US Senate. The ladies spoke to Huffington Post on condition of anonymity, saying the events occurred in Minneapolis in 2007 and 2008. In…


Theres a lot more there: Mueller ups the stakes in the Trump-Russia inquiry

November 19, 2017

Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted on financial fees, but George Papadopoulos was the astonish as the Russia inquiry enclose the capital For a moment in court, the mask slipped. Paul Manafort glanced at his lawyer and smirked, like a TV mafia boss with reasons to be confident. It was the looking of a male who, after decades of study as a the Washington Post reported . Quick Guide…


Trump has no comment on Roy Moore because he doesn’t ‘watch much TV’

November 19, 2017

Asked about allegations against the Republican Senate nominee, Trump said I dont get to watch much television. Primarily because Im reading documents Donald Trump on Saturday deflected questions about whether insisting that because he does” not watch much television” he did not feel qualified to comment. Travelling in Asia, the president told reporters:” I’ve been with you folks, so I haven’t gotten to see too much. And think it is…


Bernie Sanders warns of ‘international oligarchy’ after Paradise Papers leak

November 12, 2017

US senator warned that leak of documents exposing offshore tax havens testify rapid movement toward groupings of billionaires controlling the global economy Bernie Sanders has warned that the world is rapidly becoming an” international oligarchy” controlled by a tiny number of billionaires, highlighted by the revelations in the Paradise Papers. Paradise Papers opened the door on a” major trouble not just for the US but for governments throughout the world…


How Russia used social media to divide Americans

October 24, 2017

Russian trolls and bots focused on controversial topics in an effort to stoke political separation on a tremendous scale and it hasnt stopped, experts say For the past year, the world has reeled over intensifying reports of how Facebook infiltration was far more widespread than Mark Zuckerberg claimed when Barack Obama pulled him aside at a conference held in Peru last-place November to inform the young titan he had a…


The Trump-Russia dossier: why its findings grow more significant by the day

October 15, 2017

As US officers analyse potential collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign, the serial of reports by the former UK intelligence official Christopher Steele are casting an ever darker shadow over the president Nine months after its first appearance, the define of intelligence reports known as the Steele dossier, one of the most explosive documentation in modern political record, is still hanging over Washington, casting a darknes over the Trump…


Paul Horner, key distributor of fake news during 2016 election, dies at 38

October 9, 2017

Authorities report evidence of accidental overdose in death of Horner, who said he believed his actions had won Trump the White House A interview with the Washington Post in 2016, Horner said he believed Trump had won the White House because of him. Horner said Trump’s advocates didn’t fact-check his tales before posting them. JJ, Horner’s brother, said Paul held his job wit and explained that his brother’s unique eye…


If Mark Zuckerberg runs for president, will Facebook help him win? | Katherine Haenschen

October 7, 2017

Facebook can change elections. Thats why, with rumors twirling that the social media CEO might operate, clarity is needed now more than ever Despite his protestations to the contrary, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been acting like someone planning to pollster, inspected a Detroit swing-state spots, and committed a high-profile commencement speech. Meanwhile, Facebook has been under intense criticism for its role as a vector of misinformation in recent elections….


Senate approves initial aid to Harvey victims after Trump’s deal with Democrats

October 1, 2017

Deal passed 80 -1 7 would increase borrowing limit and retain government running for three more months, but fiscal cliff still looms The Senate has approved the first ripple of natural disasters assistance- a $15.3 bn aid package- to the region were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey as part of a agreed to a three-month expansion on the debt ceiling and government funding, a move that angered the president’s own party,…


‘The S-word’: how young Americans fell in love with socialism

September 7, 2017

Young Americans accuse capitalism for crisis in dwelling, healthcare and falling wages. Once demonised, the word socialism is back as a brand-new political movement takes root At 18, Olivia Katbi was answering the phones and emails in a Republican government senator’s office in Ohio. Then the legislator shed his weight behind a particularly contentious anti-abortion statute.” I realised that the working party I’m working for is evil. After that I…


Charlottesville: Trump reverts to blaming both sides including ‘violent alt-left’

August 28, 2017

US president protects far-right marchers and likens Confederate generals with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Donald Trump has once again defended far-right protesters at the Charlottesville rally, saying they were not all neo-Nazis and white supremacists and laying the blame for the violence evenly on what he called the alt-left. The remarks made during a rowdy press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York were Trumps latest…


This is the most dangerous time for our planet | Stephen Hawking

August 20, 2017

We cant go on ignoring inequality, because we have the means to destroy our world but not to escape it As a theoretical physicist based in Cambridge, I have lived my life in an extraordinarily privileged bubble. Cambridge is an unusual town, centred around one of the worlds great universities. Within that town, the scientific community that I became part of in my 20s is even more rarefied. And within…


It was the Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump | Naomi Klein

August 18, 2017

People have lost their feel of security interests, status and even identity. Trumps victory is the scream of an America desperate for radical change They will blame voter suppression and racism. They will accuse The Leap Manifesto, endorsed by more than 220 organisations from Greenpeace Canada to Black Lives Matter Toronto, and some of our largest trade unions. Bernie Sanders astonishing campaign started a long way towards building those kinds…


Anthony Scaramucci warns Trump to beware ‘enemy within’

August 15, 2017

Short-lived communications manager likens himself to Pulp Fictions Mr Wolf, called in to clean up dysfunctional White House Anthony Scaramucci has claimed that Donald Trump is still fighting an opponent within the White House and alerted the president to change his strategy if he wanted to bring in his own agenda. In his first television interview since his ABCs George Stephanopoulos on Sunday if Trump was fighting an enemy within,…


Trump threatens ‘military option’ in Venezuela as crisis escalates

August 13, 2017

In a surprise intervention, Donald Trump said he has not been able to rule out using military force as the country descends further into civil unrest Donald Trump threatened a US military intervention in Venezuela on Friday, a dramatic escalation in his government stance towards the Countries of latin america which is descending into political chaos. Trump established the remarks in response to questions from reporters at his golf club…


CNN severs ties with rightwing pundit Jeffrey Lord over Nazi tweet

August 11, 2017

Network corroborates the republican commentator is no longer a benefactor after he tweeted a Nazi slogan at the head of a liberal advocacy group CNN cut ties Thursday with conservative commentator Jeffrey Lord after he tweeted a Nazi praise at a commentator. A system spokesman had reaffirmed that Lord was no longer with the network and told Nazi praises are indefensible. The statement came hours after Lord tweeted the Nazi…