@sweden signs off after seven years as Twitter voice of nation

September 16, 2018

Curators of Sweden project will fall silent at intention of month after 200,000 tweets by 365 citizens The fought with Denmark and why some people don’t like Jews, and declared they’d rather be having sex. After almost seven years of disarray, dispute and slapstick, organisers have said. Launched in 2011 to” increase those who are interested in Sweden … and show in practice it is an open and democratic country”,…


Its time for Facebook and Twitter to coordinate efforts on hate speech

September 13, 2018

Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there has been burgeoning awareness of the abhor speech on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While activists have pressured these companies to improve their content temperance, few groups( outside of the German government) have outright sued the platforms for their actions. That’s because of a legal differences between media publications and media platforms that has stirred solving abhor speech online…


Inside the Left-Wing Harassment Campaign Against Ruby Roses Lesbian Batwoman

September 11, 2018

While shitty white men are hyper-visible everywhere–that’s kind of their thing–genre fandoms have earned bad reputations imposing their outdated appreciates. According to these extremely vocal devotees, there’s no home in the galaxy for people of color and empowered female supporters. Facilitated by social media, these racist meninists have banded together, planning under hashtags like #BoycottStarWarsVII and #DumpStarWars. It would be one thing if these detractors were just extending their litter…


Speed Read: The Be Best Bits From NYTs New Melania Trump Profile

August 30, 2018

A New York Times quietly defiant, of both her haters and her husband. Here are the juiciest excerpts from the approximately 2,000 -word piece. Melania ignored her husband’s warnings and travelled ahead with her” Be Best” campaign : ” The president were of the view that Mrs. Trump choose a different topic to avoid a matter of how the wife of a notorious Twitter bully could produce awareness-raising campaigns to…


Jack Dorsey admits Twitter hasnt figured out approach to fake news

August 24, 2018

Jack Dorsey is hedging his wagers. In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, the beard-rocking CEO said Twitter is reluctant to commit to a timetable for enacting policies aimed at curbing heated political rhetoric on the site. The executive’s lukewarm statements reflect an embattled social network that has been the brunt of criticism from both sides of the political subdivide. The left has taken Twitter to task for relative inaction…


Trumps Tweet About Donald Jr. and the Russians Is a Gift to Mueller

August 14, 2018

President Donald Trump’s weekend tweet respecting the Donald Trump Jr. On Sunday, Trump tweeted about the now well-known meeting that emerged in June 2016 at Trump Tower with Russians. Trump tweeted because this is ” Fake News, a complete fabrication” that he was concerned about the gather that his” marvelous son, Donald, had in Trump Tower .” In doing so, Trump made a somewhat stunning admission:” This was a session…


A verified ‘Donald J. Trump’ Twitter account is scamming cryptocurrency

August 14, 2018

Well, he* might* tweet something that stupid … Image: screenshot/ twitter President Donald J. Trump has made a lot of ridiculous promises over the performance of its job, but free cryptocurrency is still not one of them. Though you might be forgiven for supposing otherwise, as a verified Twitter account birthing his epithet today offered that very thing. Yep, the ether giveaway swindle we’ve be coming home with associate with…


The hallway scene from ‘Inception’ is a lot less epic without the music

August 12, 2018

QAnon followers at a Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on August 2, 2018. Image: MANDEL NGAN/ AFP/ Getty Images QAnon — an all-encompassing right-wing conspiracy belief about everything from the JFK assassination to pedophile resounds based on the vague publishes of an anonymous internet poster — has now amply broken into the mainstream, thanks largely to the alarming number of Trump supporters who showed up to the President’s most recent…


Girl Goes Viral On Twitter For Delivering All The Real Facts About Vaccines And People Cant Thank Her Enough

July 25, 2018

Twitter user tsharp did us all a favor lately by presenting the facts of the case about vaccines in a thouroughly modern route. She began a weave that perfectly showed the fallacies of the primary anti-vaxxer statements( mercury, autism etc .) utilizing cartoons and GIFs to keep the readily confused reader engaged. Twitter user tsharp recently uploaded an enlightening thread about vaccinations


Twitter puts a tighter squeeze on spambots

June 30, 2018

Twitter has announced a range of actions intended to bolster their efforts to combat spam and” malicious automation”( aka bad bots) on its platform — including increased security measures around account proof and sign-up; extending an historic audit to catch spammers who signed up when its systems were more lax; and taking a more proactive approaching to recognizing spam activity to reduce its ability to make an impact. It tells…


The Persecution of Kelly Marie Tran: How Star Wars Fandom Became Overrun By Alt-Right Trolls

June 20, 2018

On Monday night, the Twitter account Star Wars Facts Star Wars: The Last Jedi ‘ s Kelly Marie Tran, the first female of colour to land a leading role in the mega-popular franchise, had” deleted all the posts off her Instagram due to months of harassment she has received for her attribute Rose in #TheLastJedi .” And while it’s probably not advisable to get all of your franchise report from…


Grimes defends Elon Musk, says he’s never prevented workers from unionizing

June 16, 2018

“It’s quite literally fake news.” Image: jason kempin/ Getty Images Since they stepped out together at the Met Gala, musician Grimes and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s relationship hasn’t had the warmest of receptions. Quite a bit of the criticism comes from longtime followers of Grimes, a.k.a. Claire Boucher, known for being outspoken about her progressive politics. SEE ALSO: Grimes is legally changing her identify, thanks to Elon Musk It’s something…


Feds Seized a Fortune From #Resistance Icons Accused of Boosting Online Ponzi Schemes

June 9, 2018

In late 2016, federal agents testified up at the Fort Myers, Florida, dwellings of friends Brian and Edward Krassenstein, impounding information technology and financial records, and accused of using the anti-Trump “resistance” to path their own pockets, the Krassensteins have a documented history of involvement with shady internet get-rich-quick schemes–a history that one federal financial investigator had reason to believe amounted to war criminals conspiracy. ” There’s a lot of…


Trump faces defamation charge from Stormy Daniels over \

May 19, 2018

Stormy Daniels fights Trump with something Trump loves so dearly: a suit Image: Getty Images Donald Trump’s Twitter account has, once again, get him in some hot water, which should scandalize utterly no one. Trump is facing another Twitter-related lawsuit, but this time it’s for libel and — in a twisting that merely the best screenwriter could whip up — the plaintiff is adult film star Stormy Daniels( whose real…


Don’t believe that fake viral photo of Emma Gonzlez ripping up the Constitution

March 28, 2018

Emma Gonzalez attends March For Our Lives on March 24, 2018 in Washington, DC . Image: Noam Galai/ WireImage Emma Gonzalez’s arresting lecture at the March for Our Lives is one we won’t forget for years to come. But, as Gonzalez and millions of people marched to demand legislation to prevent gun violence, fake images of the activist ripping the U.S. Constitution were being circulated by self-professed NRA advocates. SEE…


Inside Twitters Bot Purge

March 20, 2018

Over the past 24 hours, Twitter abruptly deleted millions of reports as part of a massive crackdown on automated bots on the platform. The pulldown took place quite literally in the middle of the darknes, without warning or rationale from the company. Leading right-wing trolls and conspiracy theoreticians, many of whom woke up this morning has found that their follower amounts had immersed by the thousands, kicked off and outrage…


Zoos and aquariums are reviewing their animals and it’s kind of adorable

March 13, 2018

Image: francois guillota/ AFP/ Getty Images Zoos are giving swine Amazon-esque species ratings, and it’s candidly various kinds of great. The trend started Friday with the Oregon Zoo in a tweet hashtagged #rateaspecies. Other animal conservancies got in on the fun- including aquariums- informative ratings for people looking to, er, buy the products. SEE ALSO: We’re calling ‘fake news’ on the report that ‘Black Panther’ caused increases in black cat…


How Liberals Amped Up a Parkland Shooting Conspiracy Theory

March 11, 2018

The shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day inspired an energetic group of young activists to weigh in on the national debate on grease-guns, security, and personal freedoms. But as they found their voice, plot theories purporting that this organization is “crisis actors”–frauds pretending to be students–spiraled across social media and into the mainstream. As documented elsewhere, this idea of “false flag” operations and performers being…