Trump Allies Flood Airwaves to Defend the President

January 16, 2018

Donald Trump’s allies turned out in force to defend the president from declarations in a brand-new journal that he’s seen by aides and confidants as unfit for agency, with CIA Director Mike Pompeo saying he’s found the president “engaged.” Trump is an” avid consumer” of the CIA’s daily intellect briefing, Pompeo said on “Fox News Sunday,” his first appearance on a Sunday political talk show since August. ” We talk…


Steve Bannon Issues Apology as Trump Allies Flood the Airwaves

January 9, 2018

Former White House director strategist Stephen Bannon issued a lengthy apology to Donald Trump and members of their families as several of the president’s allies spoke out against an explosive brand-new book that conjured doubts about the former real estate developer’s fitness for office. In a statement first reported by the political website Axios and likewise is available to Bloomberg, Bannon, who left the White House in August, said Trump’s…


Warren Asks Trump If Hes Trying to Slut-Shame Gillibrand

January 8, 2018

President said on Twitter. Another disgusting tweet from Thin-Skinned Donald Trump. This male got a problem, plain and simple. He lashes out at women and doesn’t seem to be able to control his impulses. For the good of the nation, he should delete his account. https :// 0aoBA1ze8i — Sen Dianne Feinstein (@ SenFeinstein) December 12, 2017 Schumer told reporters that Trump’s Twitter attack on Gillibrand” was nasty, unbecoming…


Trump’s Wish for Peace Follows a Weekend of Twitter Needling

January 6, 2018

President Donald Trump’s Christmas wishes include a peaceful America, he said while taking phone calls from children tracking the world trips of Santa’s sleigh — although the president’s social-media activities showed otherwise. ” I think we want armistice. What do you think? Peace for the two countries ,” Trump told a young boy.” We’ve got prosperity. Now we want peace ,” the president said taking children’s calls from the gilded…


Flake: Someone in GOP Will Challenge Trump in Primary, If Not Me

December 28, 2017

President Donald Trump is likely to face a challenge from an independent candidate, and maybe a fellow Republican, if he passes for a second word, as voters thirst for a more centrist alternative, said Senator Jeff Flake. ” If the president is running for re-election, if he continues on the direction that he’s on, that’s gonna leave a huge swath of voters looking for something else ,” said the Arizona…


The Latest on the Political Turmoil in Zimbabwe

November 26, 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe( AP) — The Latest on Zimbabwe’s political turmoil( all times neighbourhood ): 11: 15 p.m. The director flog of Zimbabwe’s governing party says “I don’t see us failing to proceed with the impeachment” of President Robert Mugabe. Told by the party’s Central Committee to step down by midday Monday or face impeachment, Mugabe amazed the country Sunday night with an address on state-run television that did not announce…


Trump Slams Campaign Adviser Papadopoulos as a Proven Liar

November 15, 2017

President The Latest: Mueller’s Opening Moves Show Focus on Trump-Russia Collusion Lawyers for Papadopoulos, Thomas Breen and Robert Stanley, said in a statement Monday that it was in their client’s own best interest that they” be prohibited from provide comments on George’s case .” Under the plea arrangements with prosecutors, he’s likely to serve no more than six months and may avoid prison altogether. Trump quoth Papadopoulos as one of…


Facebook Is Still In Denial About Fake News

November 13, 2017

This afternoon–after months of deflections and evasions and many paeans about the ability of community–Facebook will attempt to explain itself to lawmakers. The company’s general counsel, Colin Stretch, will witness before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing, along with executives from Twitter Inc. and Google Inc ., about the scope of Kremlin-connected propaganda on the world’s largest social network. Among interesting thing, Stretch will say that the well-known Russian misinformation mill,…


Trump Campaign Raising Money Off Pence Walking Out of NFL Game

November 6, 2017

President Donald Trump’s seam fundraising committee sent an email Monday asking donors to show support for Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to denounced NFL musicians who kneel during the national anthem in objection of police barbarism, saying that the conference would” last year started current trends of kneeling during the national anthem in protest of what he said was systemic mistreatment of blacks by law enforcement. Kaepernick, who four years…


Google, Facebook, Twitter Scramble to Hold Washington at Bay

October 31, 2017

Last month, Google summoned about 200 staff from around the world for the purposes of an annual policy meeting. One agenda item was different this time: How to deal with the sudden drumbeat of bawls in the U.S. to govern the company for being too big. The two-day retreat in Monterey, California, where employees from the $682 billion company plied Washington policy experts with questions about the pros and cons…


Google Displayed Fake News in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting

October 18, 2017

As law enforcement and news organizations raced to piece together what happened during the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. record Sunday night in Las Vegas, web denizens less wedded to the truth hastened in to provide details of their own–which rapidly ran viral. Links to the 4chan website that falsely determined the crap-shooter and called him a leftist and Democratic supporter were showing up on the top of Google…


Puerto Rico Tries to Recover as Burst Dam Imperils Thousands

September 27, 2017

In San Juan, it was as if Hurricane Maria left everyone to fend for themselves. Two days after Maria made, energy and mobile phone service was nonexistent in the capital city and across most of Puerto Rico, which was already fastening under the financial fallout from the nation’s largest municipal insolvency. On Friday, San Juan’s main arteries were cut off by waist-high ponds of filthy water and dangerous pilings of…