Is the US Leaning Red or Blue? It All Depends on Your Map

August 4, 2018

On May 11, 2 017, a reporter identified Trey Yingst, who embraces the White House for the republican report network OANN, tweeted a photo of a framed map of the United States being carried into the West Wing. The map imaged the 2016 election results county-by-county, as a blanket of red, celebrated with specks of blue and peachy pink along the West Coast and a thin snake of blue widening…


Crying ‘Pedophile’ Is the Oldest Propaganda Trick in the Book

August 2, 2018

Almost a year ago, the status of women accused Tom Hanks of sexually mistreating her as a child and began posting rebuilt remembrances on Twitter. The accounts are perturbing and specific, but incomplete and unproven–something Hanks’ accuser attributes to the trauma-based head power she believes herself a victim of. Even though( or perhaps, because) her assertions persist unverified, the pedophilia allegations were quickly embraced by a group known for up-leveling…


The Amazon Echo Look picked a dress for me to wear to a friend’s wedding and it did not disappoint

July 31, 2018

It’s a high minute for low-brow commentary . Image: Barcroft Media via Getty Images We have few moments of joyfulnes in this dark timeline of ours. The Trump baby blimp is one of them. The huge diaper clad-blimp set sail in London today as Trump sat down for a meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Over in Germany, ZDF’s Heute-Show , a satirical news program, edited press images of…


25+ Of The Most Brutal Memes Trolling Trump After His Disgraceful Performance When Meeting Putin

July 21, 2018

Now because this is 2018 not 1968, people’s reactions have so far been limited to impotent anger and of course, memes. Snarky, inventive and brutally belittling memes. To be fair we all know of Donald Trump’s thin-skinned reactions to being mocked and criticized, so this form of objection may be even more effective than people making the streets in their hundreds of thousands. Who knows? And perhaps Trump is right,…


‘ICE Is Everywhere’: Using Library Science to Map the Separation Crisis

June 26, 2018

On Father’s Day, Alex Gil was IMing with my honourable colleagues Manan Ahmed when they decided they were required to do something about infants being separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. Since May, the US government had taken more than 2,300 kids away from their families as a result of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ brand-new “zero tolerance” immigration policy, which calls for criminally prosecuting all people participating the…


15+ Of The Funniest Memes And Reactions To Trumps Meeting With Kim Jong-Un

June 23, 2018

The reaction to the meeting has been mixed, with critics belief little of substance has actually been agreed. However no matter what you think about President Trump, and I have many reservations about his attribute myself, you have to admit that the change from threatening and bellicose speech to constructive dialogue is an acheivement in itself and a positive step towards peace. So good for him. reply Read more: http…


Trump reportedly pushed USPS to double Amazons shipping rates

June 5, 2018

According to new reporting from The Washington Post, President Trump personally pushed United States Postal Service head Megan Brennan to jack up shipping costs on Amazon and other firms. The story comes from unnamed sources, who suggest that, thus far, the postmaster general has maintained out against pressure from the president. If reenacted, the brand-new pricing structure would likely expenditure the online retailer and others billions. Amazon has been in…


4 Key Takeaways From Muellers First Yearand Whats Next

May 19, 2018

Today recognizes the one-year anniversary of Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counseling in the investigation of the Trump campaign’s contact and relationships with Russia. For all the talk of the president’s solicitors and the vice president about how it’s is necessary to “wrap it up, ” the truth is that for a federal investigation, Mueller’s probe has moved with impressive rapidity–and, contrary to the president’s recited allegations of a “witch…


Watch Trevor Noah ‘fire’ Michelle Wolf from ‘The Daily Show’

May 12, 2018

Host Trevor Noah “officially fired” Michelle Wolf from The Daily Show last-place night after her controversial White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech dominated the last few report cycles. Gleefully, Noah broke down what exactly was so incendiary about her monologue, announcing she “should’ve had the propriety not to comment on a woman’s appearance in any way, shape or kind. She’s a comic for God’s sake. Not the president.” And to demonstrate…


Diamond and Silk Expose Facebook’s Burden of Moderation

April 24, 2018

Of all the absurdities of Mark Zuckerberg’s more than ten hours of Congressional testimony the coming week, a few moments of theater stands out. “I’d like to show you, right now, a little painting here, ” Missouri Republican Billy Long said to the Facebook CEO. A staffer placed a large photo of two women behind his head. “You recognize these folks? ” “I do, ” Zuckerberg replied. “I–I believe–is that…


Want to understand the Trump effect? Go see ‘The Death of Stalin’

April 2, 2018

Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump Jr ., Ivanka Trump, John McCain, and General John Kelly … or rather, their 1953 Russian variants . Image: IFC Someday in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be sitting in the dark of a multiplex as a trailer play for the first big-budget movie give of the Donald Trump administration. No uncertainty there will be giggles, gasps, boo, and intense online debates about whether it’s too soon…


Trump Names Digital Guru Brad Parscale Campaign Manager For 2020 Run

March 16, 2018

The former digital director of President Trump’s 2016 campaign, Brad Parscale, has been identified campaign manager for the 2020 re-election campaign. A political novice prior to the opening of the 2016 race, Parscale oversaw the campaign’s digital activities from the San Antonio offices of his web designing and strategy firm Giles-Parscale. What began as a one-man operation in 2015 grew into one of the most successful–and controversial–digital campaigns in presidential…


This Woman Cant Stop Photoshopping Trumps Face Onto the Queens (Top 50)

February 15, 2018

“It’s not about politics. It’s about the magic of Photoshop and shaping you laugh, ” says New Jersey-based graphic designer Michal Krauthamer. The origin story is a simple one: She wanted to practice her photoshop abilities so she tried photoshopping Donald Trump’s face onto Queen Elizabeth’s. She shared it with her friends who thought it was funny so she made more. Eventually she wrote an album on Facebook and it…


The ‘Murphy Brown’ revival will take on fake news and social media

February 14, 2018

Candice Bergen is the Wonder Woman of TV Image: cbs From the extents of our fake news Trump dystopia rises an old and welcome hero: Murphy Brown . CBS announced the yield its groundbreaking ‘8 0s sitcom and, unlike the other countless nostalgic reboots and resurgences (< em> Will and Grace, American Idol, Charmed, Heathers, Roseanne ), this one couldn’t be more relevant in 2018. SEE ALSO: Debra Messing calls…


Mueller’s Team Has Interviewed Facebook Staff as Part of Russia Probe

February 12, 2018

The Department of Justice’s special counsel Robert Mueller and its term of office have interviewed at the least one member of Facebook’s team that was associated with President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, according to a person very well known the matter. The interview was part of Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and what role, if any, the Trump campaign played in that interference. Facebook and other…


Why Twitter wont remove Trumps nuclear tweet

January 28, 2018

Trump’s tweet raising the prospect of nuclear war with North Korea isn’t in violation of Twitter’s guidelines, the company says, and will remain online. In the tweet, Trump boasted that his “Nuclear Button” is “much bigger” and “more powerful” than the one are subordinate to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un- a combative and childish taunting that heightens serious doubts about Trump’s fitness for office, as well as to what…


Pro-Kremlin Twitter Trolls Take Aim at Robert Mueller

January 27, 2018

The dense network of pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts tracked by the group Alliance for Securing Democracy has spent the past year spreading chaos and discord about topics as diverse as NFL musicians refusing to stand during the national anthem and Al Franken’s alleged sex wrongdoing. It was simply a matter of time, then, before the troll army gave its visions on special attorney Robert Mueller. On the website Hamilton6 8, the…