Bitcoin and Ethereum keep sliding, but there might be better times ahead

April 21, 2018

The prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum are on fire. In a bad lane . Image: Anadolu Agency/ Contributor/ Gettyimages Every product here is independently selected by Mashable writers. If you buy something featured, we are able to deserve an affiliate committee which helps corroborate our work. It’s been a bad month in crypto-city. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by sell cap, is trading at $7,076 — a 7% decrease in the…


There’s a new world’s largest SSD and it comes with 100TB of storage

April 17, 2018

Behold, the new world’s largest SSD with 100 TERABYTES of storage . Image: nimbus data Think your 1TB, or 5TB, or even 30TB solid-state drive can store a lifetime of documents, music, movies and games? Imagine again. Nimbus Data has now shattered the previous 60TB 3.5 -inch SSD drive record with the world’s first 100 terabyte drive. Holy moly! Not merely is the ExaDrive DC100 the world’s largest 3.5 -inch…


Here’s how to find out which of your Facebook friends are sharing fake news

April 16, 2018

Not again, Megan . Image: Facebook Annoyed by the never-ending river of fake news on social media? You can now use Facebook’s brand-new News Feed feature to identify your friends who are now sharing misleading or just plain old inaccurate report and set them back on the path of righteousness. The feature, launched Tuesday for U.S. users, is actually an extension of an older News Feed update Facebook has been…


This Firefox extension stops Facebook from tracking you

April 8, 2018

Facebook tracks its customers online, far beyond the app and other services. Passed the latest data privacy scandal involving Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica, Mozilla is letting internet users fight back. SEE ALSO: Mozilla drags ads from Facebook until Zuck makes good A new browser extension called the “Facebook Container” lets Firefox consumers isolate their activity on Facebook to, inducing it more difficult to way users’ acts elsewhere on…


Facebook plans to purge ‘fake identities, fake audiences, false facts, and false narratives’

April 5, 2018

Image: justin sullivan/ getty images Facebook‘s its safety and product conducts have been acting globally in the company’s effort to regain user confidence and safeguard the integrity of elections worldwide. The world’s largest social network cannot take back what occurred on its platform during the course of its 2016 presidential election, but the team has been trying to prevent bad actors, like Russian trolls, from utilizing Facebook to nefariously affect…


Facebook is more dangerous than ever. You can make it stop

March 23, 2018

Cambridge Analytica’s chief operating officer Alexander Nix. His firm recently located itself in the spotlight for falsifying itself and harvesting data regarding millions of Facebook users to aid the Trump campaign/ AFP PHOTO/ PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA Image: AFP/ Getty Images Remember the Marlboro Man? He was a sexy vision of the American west, created by a cigarette corporation to sell a fatal product. People knew this and used that…


How an entire nation fell for one guys fake Facebook profile

March 9, 2018

Have you met every single pal you have on Facebook ? Image: vicky leta/ mashable This is the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but in the world of social media and fake news. Have you met every single friend you have on Facebook in real life? We all know the basic principles about preserving photographs and posts private and carefully vetting pal askings. But things can get complicated….


YouTube reprimands Infowars channel for Parkland shooting videos

March 9, 2018

Infowars host Alex Jones and former Trump advisor Roger Stone feature on an chapter of SiriusXM series Alter Family Politics in July, 2017. Image: ben jackson/ Getty Images for SiriusXM Infowars is on thin ice. The far-right media outlet famous for claiming that Sandy Hook was a hoax received a total of the work of its second “Community Guidelines Strike” on primary YouTube channel, The Alex Jones Channel. If the…


Have a Coinbase account? You need to check your bank statement right now.

March 8, 2018

Sorry for your loss . Image: Karl Tapales/ Getty Images All your fund is proceed. Whoops! Sorry for your loss. The world of cryptocurrency trading is notoriously risky, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this . Some Coinbase report owners are losing their shit today as they look to their bank statements to be noted that the exchange has receded excessive sums of money from their reports. SEE ALSO:…


The cryptocurrency market will recover, experts say. Here’s how.

March 6, 2018

Image: traviswolfe/ gettyimages Every product here is independently selected by Mashable writers. If you buy something featured, we are able to pay an affiliate commission which helps support our work. In the past month or so, carries have ruled the cryptocurrency sell. You may not think that’s a long time, but made how fast the cryptocoin market moves, this is not some temporary flashing crash. It’s a hefty correction that…


Vero’s founder was confused by his own terms of service at first, too

March 5, 2018

Image: Vero Vero, the hot new social media app, is being praised for its similarity to Facebook and Twitter — and for maintaining annoying ads off the platform. In less than 24 hours, it’s been downloaded more than 500,000 days, and by Monday, it was quickly approaching 1 million downloads. That influx of traffic has caused the app to crash often. SEE ALSO: Meet Vero: Why a billionaire’s Instagram alternative…


Facebook: ‘If we’re not good for your business, you shouldn’t be here’

February 25, 2018

Facebook’s Campbell Brown and Adam Mosseri . Image: code media/ recode Facebook is renowned for the mantra “move fast and break things.” But these days, the tech giant is all about occasion well spent, and with that comes a brand-new tagline for everyone to follow: If you don’t like us, leave. SEE ALSO: 5 queries Facebook’s ‘privacy principles’ don’t answer That’s what Facebook executives Campbell Brown and Adam Mosseri stressed…


What are deepfakes? A guide to the internet’s new face-swap crisis

February 22, 2018

A brand-new era of fabricated video has arrived . Image: TheGoncas2/ YouTube Where there’s innovation, there’s masturbation — at the least in one dark corner of the internet, where virtually 80,000 people have gathered to share made videos of luminary females having sex and Nicolas Cage uncovering the Ark of the Covenant. These are “deepfakes, ” a new various kinds of video featuring realistic face-swaps. In short, a computer program…


Samsung jumps into the cryptocurrency mining space

February 17, 2018

Ethereum miner at HEALTH CARE NAVI Factory in Bucheon, South Korea . Image: Seung-il Ryu/ NurPhoto via Getty Images Every product here is independently selected by Mashable writers. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate committee which helps support our work. Samsung’s chip-making divide is diving into the lucrative space of cryptocurrency mining. Korean news outlet The Bell broke the news Tuesday, and Samsung confirmed to TechCrunch…


Facebook’s traffic is down as it strives for ‘meaningful connections’

February 11, 2018

Meaningful . Image: facebook/ mark zuckerberg One of Facebook’s core statistics doesn’t look so good. Time spent on the network — a number that drives the tech giant’s revenue — is down by an estimated 50 million hours worked per day. Facebook now reaches 2.13 billion people per month and has 1.4 billion daily active customers. If we wished to revisit that 50 million hours number on a per user…


Imagine Facebook and Instagram without the Like button

February 10, 2018

Off with their thumbs ! Image: bob al-greene/ mashable The Like button must die. More than any other aspect, the thumbs-up on Facebook — along with its cousins, the Instagram and Twitter nerves — encapsulate everything that’s incorrect with social media. It’s time to start visualizing a world-wide where it doesn’t exist. The Like has become the currency movements carelessness — a style to testify we approve without being deep…


Dogecoin founder says cryptocurrency valuations are crazy

February 7, 2018

Image: Adrian Today/ Shutterstock Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we are able to give an affiliate commission which helps corroborate our work. A cryptocurrency that originally started as a joke now has a market cap of more than $1.7 billion. And its founder thinks that’s a bad sign for the cryptocurrency market in general. Jackson Palmer, currently a product manager at…


Facebook’s taking a deeper look at how social media effects democracy

February 5, 2018

Image: Christopher mineses/ mashable Facebook is many things, but good for democracy might not is just one of them. On Monday, Facebook executives and outside experts publicly liberated their considers on the effect social media — specifically Zuckerberg’s controversial platform — has on democracy. The conclusion? Um, well, yeah — it might not be so great. And Facebook did not realize that in a timely manner. “In 2016, we at…


Ethereum and Ripple reach new all-time highs while Bitcoin stagnates

February 2, 2018

Image: shutterstock Every product here is independently selected by Mashable correspondents. If you buy something featured, we are able to pay an affiliate commission which helps support our work. It’s another dark-green period in the world of cryptocurrencies, with all of the ten largest coins rising significantly in importance in the last 24 hours. However, this time it’s not Bitcoin that’s contributing service charges. Yes, Bitcoin’s price rose to $…


Ethereum price crosses $1,000 for the first time

January 31, 2018

Image: Lightboxx/ Shutterstock Ethereum, the third cryptocurrency by sell cap, has spanned the cost of $1,000 per one ETH for the first time. It’s currently trading at $1,016 with a $98.3 billion marketplace cap, is in accordance with CoinMarketCap. SEE ALSO: Ripple and Ethereum maintain breaking registers while Bitcoin takes a back seat Often referred to as Bitcoin’s little brother, Ethereum is actually a vastly different job than Bitcoin. While…