Here’s how WhatsApp is fighting fake news in India

March 3, 2019

What’s up with fake news on WhatsApp ? Image: HAYOUNG JEON/ EP-AEFE/ REX/ SHUTTERSTOCK WhatsApp is on the offensive. In New Delhi on Wednesday, Facebook-owned WhatsApp comprised a news conference to share how it is tackling fake reports and the spread of misinformation on its platform of 1. 5 billion consumers. The conference was especially urgent because India will maintain its elections in April — and India, site of WhatsApp’s…


Facebook is full of anti-vaxxers spreading fake information

March 2, 2019

What should Facebook’s role be in countering anti-vaccination plot beliefs ? Image: BSIP/ UIG via Getty Images In the incidents of anti-vaxxer activity on Facebook, “going viral” can be deadly. A brand-new investigation from The Guardian has unveiled how Facebook is a hotbed of anti-vaxxer plot assumptions. It went inside private Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members to see how anti-vaxxers peddling fake redress to manipulate worried parents…


Teens are cyberbullying each other on Tellonym, a new anonymous messaging app

February 24, 2019

Teens gonna teen. But apps don’t is therefore necessary to make it easier for them . Image: Getty Images/ Maskot An app is once again stimulating it easier for teens to talk junk about each other. There is growing worry among parents, digital watchdog companies, and schools about an app called Tellonym. The app lets users ask and answer questions about one another anonymously — a idea that the app…


Nick Clegg announces Facebook will open another ‘war room’ to combat fake news

February 21, 2019

Facebook is bringing its election’ war chamber’ to Europe . Image: NOAH BERGER/ AFP/ Getty Images Facebook will soon open another election “war room” to help its fight against fake report ahead of the 2019 European Parliament Elections. The move was announced in a speech by the social network’s new policy chief and former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who said the conflict room would open this spring at…


Twitter turned this massive fried rice prank into a pretty great meme All the Memes

February 14, 2019

Twitter is experimenting a new direction to surface report . Image: Alvin Chan/ SOPA Images/ LightRocket via Getty Images Twitter is testing a new aspect that stimulates it easier to catch up on report first thing in the morning. The update, which is currently being tested in the company’s Android app, places report tales at the top of your timeline, together with with a prompt that says “catch up on…


Snopes is done fact-checking for Facebook

February 10, 2019

Are we breakin’ up ? Image: BOB AL-GREENE/ MASHABLE Users aren’t the only people breaking up with Facebook. In a post published Friday, the fact-checking organisation Snopes announced that it would no longer working in collaboration with Facebook to fact-check narratives shared on the platform. “At this time we are evaluating the ramifications and costs of supplying third-party fact-checking services, and we want to determine with certainty that our efforts…


New York will make selling fake followers and likes illegal

February 9, 2019

The fake follower business will get you in trouble in New York . Image: Getty Images/ iStockphoto Fake adherents, fake likes: they’ve inundated social media in the past few years. While companies have taken action against hoax reports, in New York, selling bots and fraudulent social media activity now could property you in hot water. In reality, it’s against the law. SEE ALSO: Despite ‘transparency’ contends, Facebook stops watchdogs from…


Half of all Facebook monthly active users are fake, incendiary report claims

January 27, 2019

Hmm . Image: Christophe Morin/ IP3/ getty A long-running feud was thrust back into the spotlight today with a contentious report claiming that over half of Facebook’s monthly active customers are actually fake. The report, written by Facebook critic Aaron Greenspan, alleges that the social media giant has no way to accurately quantify its true-blue user base — or in other words, reports that are matched up to real people…


11 meditation apps to help you de-stress

January 21, 2019

Image: christopher furlong/ Getty Images Facebook will certainly be bracing itself for some fresh backlash from the public next week following a number of uncovering legal documents being unsealed. Those documents are expected to detail how Facebook built money off children without ongoing and clearly permission from a parent or guardian. The documents are being unsealed thanks to the work of Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. They form…


After losing tens of billions, local news gets $300 million from Facebook

January 18, 2019

Facebook has pledged $300 million to help local news . Image: Thibault Camus/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock Facebook is once again cozying up to local reporters as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting “high quality journalism.” The company will vest $300 million into “news programs, partnerships and content, ” that benefit neighbourhood news organizations in the United States and Europe, Facebook announced. The investment, which will be paid out over…


Facebook responds to claims that outside fact-checking is a PR stunt

December 26, 2018

Facebook says its fact checking is effective . Image: Marcio Jose Sanchez/ AP/ REX/ Shutterstock Facebook is pushing back on claims that its work with third-party fact-checkers amounts to little more than “crisis PR.” That’s how one former employee of Snopes, one of the fact-checking websites that works directly with Facebook to debunk misinformation in News Feed, described her previous work with the company. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s Privacy Disaster In…


Facebook launches first ever journalism program to fund local journalism in the UK

November 26, 2018

Image: LightRocket via Getty Images Facebook has been accused time and time again for damaging journalism, both by eating away at advertise revenues and by putting news publishers at the mercy of their algorithms. And that’s not to mention the prevalence of fake news on the platform. SEE ALSO: Mark Zuckerberg believes Facebook is at ‘war, ‘ report says But now, Facebook has launched it’s first ever program to immediately…


Content moderators share the horrifying things they face in ‘The Cleaners’

November 23, 2018

Delete or ignore . Image: GEBRUEDER BEETZ FILMPRODUKTION “Out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t job when cleansing out the darkest corners of social media platforms. That’s what the documentary The Cleaner , which airs Monday evening on PBS, exposes about content moderators in the Philippines who are relentlessly bombarded with violent, graphic, and perturbing images and videos. Ahead of the TV release at a San Francisco screening, the filmmakers…


Mark Zuckerberg just got summoned for an international hearing

November 7, 2018

Another day, another Facebook hearing.Image: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/getty images Another Facebook hearing is on the horizon. Canadian and UK lawmakers have banded together in a fight against political manipulation online, according to TechCrunch. The two countries have together summoned Mark Zuckerberg to appear before a joint committee to testify on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation online.  Facebook has until Nov. 7 to respond. SEE ALSO: Americans’…


Researchers have found the oldest intact shipwreck in the Black Sea Genius Moments

October 30, 2018

Facebook has observed more accounts trying to spread misinformation . Image: Getty Images Facebook has uncovered another force campaign tied to Iran. The company has removed 82 Pages, reports, and groups for “coordinated inauthentic behavior” is targeted at people in the United States and the UK. The accounts, which were on both Facebook and Instagram, were used to spread content on socially divisive issues, like race relations and immigration, according…


New Facebook documentary questions whether the social network does more good than harm

October 29, 2018

Image: REUTERS/ Leah Millis “I realized that because I didn’t have people’s datum I needed to make it interesting enough so people would want to use the locate and just wanted to, like, throw their datum up.” That’s the explain a very young Mark Zuckerberg, clutching a beer-filled Solo cup in one hand, devoted in response to a question about the social network’s beginnings. Though perhaps not the most surprising…


Facebook hires UK politician, who destroyed his party’s popularity, to help fix its own image

October 23, 2018

Former Lib-Dem president, Nick Clegg has been hired as is chairman of global affairs and communications Image: Getty Images Facebook has hired the former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as its is chairman of global affairs and communications. The former Liberal Democrat politician will be relocating to Silicon Valley in the brand-new time, but starts is currently working on Monday, according to the FT. SEE ALSO: Facebook customers in…


Facebook’s data breach and what it means for you Technically Speaking

October 21, 2018

Facebook wants to fight filter bubbles in your News Feed.Image: Getty Images/sean gallup Facebook wants to burst your filter bubble. A new patent — filed last March but just made public — details one way Facebook may push back on political echo chambers in its News Feed. Titled “Systems and Methods for Providing Diverse Content,” the patent explains how Facebook could use its News Feed to surface alternative viewpoints about…


How an artist is making acoustic electronic music using robots

October 18, 2018

Facebook removed hundreds of pages and accounts that spread fake news.Image: Boston Globe via Getty Images Facebook just took a rare step in its fight against fake news. The company removed hundreds of pages and accounts that intentionally spammed users with fake news and misleading information in a “coordinated” effort, Facebook reported. SEE ALSO: Facebook is finally making progress against fake news In a statement Thursday, Facebook said the removed…