Russian Trolls Lawsuit Against Facebook Hits a Wall

March 13, 2019

A California judge is tapping the brakes on a mercenary legion deployed to 10 countries. In the past, FAN and the IRA have shared staff members and office room. And Virginia prosecutors have charged a FAN employee called Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova with handling the finances for disinformation operations at both groups, as well as nearly a dozen other shell organizations operating under the umbrella” IRA–a degree the Russians quoth as…


What does it actually take to hack an election? Technically Speaking

March 1, 2019

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg no showed an international committee hearing in the UK where it was unveiled that Facebook knew of Russia data issue in 2014. Lawmakers from nine two countries openly mocked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not attending a hearing in the UK. On Tuesday, two dozen lawmakers from nine international parliaments convened in London for the inaugural “International Grand Committee on Disinformation.” The intended purpose of the…


UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook

February 26, 2019

A final report by a British parliamentary committee which invested months last year analyse online political disinformation shapes very uncomfortable speaking for Facebook — with the company singled out for “disingenuous” and “bad faith” responses to democratic concerns about the misuse of people’s data. In the report, published today, the committee has also called for Facebook’s use of user data to be investigated by the UK’s data watchdog. In an…


Facebook cracks down on Russian-based \

January 31, 2019

Russian 'Cozy Bear' hackers allegedly tried to access DNC computers following the 2018 Midterm elections.Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto New court documents filed by the Democratic National Committee unveiled a previously unknown infiltration attempt by Russian hackers. “On November 14, 2018, dozens of DNC email addresses were targeted in a spearphishing campaign,” claim the DNC in the documents, which were filed on Thursday night. “The content of these emails and their timestamps…


Facebook finds and kills another 512 Kremlin-linked fake accounts

January 26, 2019

Two years on from the U.S. general elections, Facebook continues to have a major problem with Russian disinformation being megaphoned via its social tools. In a blog post today the company uncovers another tranche of Kremlin-linked fake activity — saying it’s removed a total of 471 Facebook pages and reports, as well as 41 Instagram reports, which were being used to spread propaganda into areas where Putin’s regime has sharp…


Russian operatives apparently did not hack the midterm elections

November 22, 2018

Who necessity election hacking when you’ve get Trump ? Image: Spencer Platt/ Getty Images The call is coming from inside the house. The Department of Homeland Security( DHS) and safety experts say that Russian operatives did not significantly meddled in or hack the US midterm elections, according to the Wall street Journal . “At this time, we have no indication of compromise to our nation’s election infrastructure that they are…


White House shares manipulated Infowars video to justify CNN press ban

November 14, 2018

Read this slowly: The White House’s press secretary has tweeted a manipulated video shared by the editor-at-large of conspiracy theorist outlet Infowars to attempt to justify its decision to suspend the press credentials of CNN’s chief white house correspondent. CNN’s Jim Acosta had his press pass pulled by the White House earlier today after press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed he had “plac[ed] his hands on a young woman just trying to…


Twitter widens its view of bad actors to fight election fiddlers

October 30, 2018

Twitter has announced more the alteration of its rules to try to make it harder for people to use its platform to spread politically charged disinformation and thereby erode democratic processes. In an update on its” elections integrity study” yesterday, the company flagged several brand-new changes to the Twitter Rules which it said are intended to provide “clearer guidance” on behaviors it’s cracking down on. In the problem area of”…


Revealed: Russias secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK

October 10, 2018

Tentative plot to whisk fugitive from London embassy on Christmas Eve was considered too risky Russian diplomats held secret talks in London last year with people close to Julian Assange to assess whether they could help him flee the UK, the Guardian has learned. A tentative plan was devised that would have seen the WikiLeaks founder smuggled out of Ecuadors London embassy in a diplomatic vehicle and transported to another…


Putin makes appeal to Russians to accept pension changes

September 18, 2018

President offers concessions but says retirement age must rise to avoid economic ruin Vladimir Putin has made a direct appeal to Russians to ask for their assistance in conjuring the retirement age, warns that without urgent action, the two countries especially for men, for whom the average age of fatality is 66. The European average for men is 79. Putin, nonetheless, was asked to depict the unpopular changes as a…


What We Now Know About Iran’s Global Propaganda Campaign

September 18, 2018

They set up phony news websites with narratives ripped from other sources, backing up their state-sponsored schedule. They stole photos for their social media profiles and made up epithets to catfish unsuspecting victims. They formed an incestuous web of advertisement across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Reddit, and other platforms. They seemed to have a thing for Bernie Sanders. And then they got caught. Yes, that’s the story of the…


Russian police arrest hundreds protesting against Putin pension plan

September 15, 2018

Unrest breaks out as Google pulls YouTube ads by Putin critic Alexei Navalny Police detained more than 800 people across Russia during protests against government plans to raise the national retirement age that have resulted in President Vladimir Putins approval ratings slumping to a four-year low. Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Sunday in dozens of towns and cities after Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin critic, called for nationwide…


Jeremy Hunt calls for fresh EU sanctions against Russia

September 9, 2018

UK foreign secretary will advise US president to tighten rules on online election advertising Jeremy Hunt has urged the EU to stand shoulder to shoulder with flight MH1 7 was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. After the Salisbury attempts, the EU recollected its envoy to Moscow and issued a common declaration that it was ” highly likely” Russia was responsible. one-to-one summit with Putin in…


This mafia style of government makes Trump a role model for all autocrats | Jonathan Freedland

September 9, 2018

Punishing critics like John Brennan is part of the US presidents ongoing abuse of power and normalisation of autocracy, says the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland More than 18 months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s modus operandi- and the threat it represents- is clear. His working method is that of the mafia boss and gangland chieftain, daily wielding his strength to reconcile ratings, teach lessons and crush dissent. Anyone who’s seen…


Asia Stocks Mixed on Trade Volleys; Kiwi Slumps: Markets Wrap

August 27, 2018

Asian inventories traded mixed as China hit back against the Trump administration’s latest tariffs and tensions ratcheted up between the U.S. and Russia. The yen periphery higher, while oil held on to its losses. Shares fell in Japan and South Korea, fluctuated in Hong Kong, and pushed higher in China and Australia. Treasury added to gains made as investors scooped up a record $26 billion 10 -year auction. The kiwi…


Trump Is Ours: Kremlin Media Fear Dem Victory in November

August 17, 2018

During any other presidency, it would be highly unusual for the Russian media to be preoccupied with the American midterm elections, but in the time of Donald Trump, Russian political leaders and pundits have taken a keen interest in the races for the U.S. Senate and House of Congressman. As the realization sunrises on them that the Putin-friendly president cannot or will not lift past and future sanctions on the…


Trumps Tweet About Donald Jr. and the Russians Is a Gift to Mueller

August 14, 2018

President Donald Trump’s weekend tweet respecting the Donald Trump Jr. On Sunday, Trump tweeted about the now well-known meeting that emerged in June 2016 at Trump Tower with Russians. Trump tweeted because this is ” Fake News, a complete fabrication” that he was concerned about the gather that his” marvelous son, Donald, had in Trump Tower .” In doing so, Trump made a somewhat stunning admission:” This was a session…


Shadow Politics: Meet the Digital Sleuth Exposing Fake News

August 11, 2018

When we gratified in early March, Jonathan Albright was still shrugging off a sleepless weekend. It was a few weeks after the carnage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had killed 17 people, most of them adolescents, and promptly turned the internet into a cesspool of finger pointing and plot slinging. Within periods, ultraconservative YouTube superstars like Alex Jones had rallied their advocates behind the bogus assert that the students…


Russian Hackers Kept DNC Backdoor Longer Than Anyone Knew

July 27, 2018

The indictment Friday of the pages of the Washington Post , and Crowdstrike, security rights firm hired to respond to the breach, written a detailed technical account. Today’s Lt. Col Sergey Morgachev allegedly administers the GRU’s geek squad, heading the department that codes “the worlds largest” notorious malware on the Internet, like the backdoor programs X-Agent and Sedreco, and the stealth VPN known as X-Tunnel. That latter group is also…


Putin proposes a joint cybersecurity group with the US to investigate Russian election meddling

July 20, 2018

Over the course of Monday’s controversial Helsinki summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed an agenda that would ostensibly hear the U.S. and Russia working side by side as allies. The two countries build stranger bedfellows than ever as just days prior, Trump’s own Department of Justice indicted 12 Russian intelligence officials for the infamous 2016 Democratic National Committee hack. Nonetheless, the Russian president revived are talking about a seam group…