30 Fake Viral Photos People Believed Were Real

February 28, 2019

# 2 A Guy Creating An Amazing Fried Rice Wave One of the recent viral perceptions was the ‘fried rice meme’ that presented a male making an incredible rice ripple in his pan. The image quickly received a lot of attention online and people from from all over the world starting photoshopping random things into the image. Regrettably, the photo itself is already fake since the rice wave is a…


Facebook removes hundreds of accounts linked to fake news group in Indonesia

February 22, 2019

Facebook said today it has removed the thousands of Facebook and Instagram accounts with linked to an organization that peddled fake news. The world’s fourth largest country with a population of more than 260 million, Indonesia is in an election year alongside Southeast Asia neighbors Thailand and the Philippines. Facebook said this week it has set up an” election integrity” team in Singapore, its APAC HQ, as it tries to…


Microsoft Edge on mobile now includes a built-in fake news detector

January 29, 2019

In 2019, we still don’t really know what to do about fake news. With nothing to disincentivize viral hyperpartisan headlines and other exercises in confirmation bias, online misinformation seems to run as rampant as ever. It’s a tricky problem, particularly because it’s one that requires the readers most drawn to too outrageous to be true news to challenge their beliefs. In other words, without some kind of technical solution or…


What history could tell Mark Zuckerberg

January 18, 2019

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg obsessed over the wrong chip of record. Or else didn’t survey his preferred slice of classical antiquity carefully enough, faced, as he now is, with an existential crisis of’ fake report’ simultaneously undermining trust in his own empire and in democracy itself. A recent New Yorker profile — questioning whether the Facebook founder can fix the establishments he pressed upon countries around the world before the collective…


Facebook is not equipped to stop the spread of authoritarianism

January 6, 2019

Yael Grauer UNITED State- APRIL 10: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg witnesses during the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee seam hearing on” Facebook, Social Media Privacy, and the Use and Abuse of Data” on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.( Photo By Bill Clark/ CQ Roll Call) Protesters scrubbing Facebook the necessary data for anxiety of repercussion isn’t uncommon. Over and over again, authoritarian-leaning regimes have utilized low-tech…


Facebooks got 99 problems but Trumps latest bias tweet aint one

January 3, 2019

By any measure, Facebook hasn’t had best available of years in 2018. But while toxic difficulties keep piling up and, well, raining acidly down on the social networking monster — from election intervention, to fake reports, faulty metrics, security shortcomings, ethics failures, privacy outrages and much more besides — the silver lining of having a core business now widely perceived as hostile to democratic processes and civilized feeling, and the…


Facebook and Twitter remove accounts spreading fake news ahead of Bangladeshs elections

December 24, 2018

Twitter and Facebook announced this morning they’ve removed a combined total of 30 reports that were working to spread misinformation in Bangladesh, 10 days before the country’s general elections. According to Facebook, the company removed nine Facebook Pages and six Facebook reports “thats been” engaging in” coordinated inauthentic behavior .” Twitter said it removed 15 reports that were doing the same. Both companies said the accounts had government ties. ”…


White House shares manipulated Infowars video to justify CNN press ban

November 14, 2018

Read this slowly: The White House’s press secretary has tweeted a manipulated video shared by the editor-at-large of conspiracy theorist outlet Infowars to attempt to justify its decision to suspend the press credentials of CNN’s chief white house correspondent. CNN’s Jim Acosta had his press pass pulled by the White House earlier today after press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed he had “plac[ed] his hands on a young woman just trying to…


Facebook rolls out checks for UK political ads

November 4, 2018

Facebook has announced it rolled out a system of checks on political ads run on its platform in the UK which requires advertisers to confirm their identity and location to try to make it harder for foreign performers to meddle in domestic elections and referenda. This follows similar rollouts of political ad transparency tools in the U.S. and Brazil. From today, Facebook said it will record and display information about…


Zuckerberg gets joint summons from UK and Canadian parliaments

November 3, 2018

Two separate parliamentary committees, in the UK and Canada, have issued an unprecedented international seam summons for Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to seem before them. The committees are investigating the effects of online disinformation on democratic processes and crave Zuckerberg to answer questions related to the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook user data misuse scandal, which both ought to have probing this year. More broadly, “its also” attempting greater detail about Facebook’s digital…


People Are Posting Examples Of How Media Can Manipulate The Truth (15 Pics)

October 31, 2018

The problem is bias. While ideally the media are due to be objective and hold power to account, in reality we know that most news stores are partisan and have their own agenda to improvement. Whether state-owned or run by some shady tax-avoiding billionaire, getting ‘the masses’ to view countries around the world from one particular perspective has always been a priceless power to wield. People have been posting examples…


Twitter widens its view of bad actors to fight election fiddlers

October 30, 2018

Twitter has announced more the alteration of its rules to try to make it harder for people to use its platform to spread politically charged disinformation and thereby erode democratic processes. In an update on its” elections integrity study” yesterday, the company flagged several brand-new changes to the Twitter Rules which it said are intended to provide “clearer guidance” on behaviors it’s cracking down on. In the problem area of”…


Ahead of midterm elections, Facebook expands ban on posts aimed at voter suppression

October 27, 2018

Facebook is expanding its ban on false-hearted and misleading posts that aim to deter citizens from voting in the upcoming midterm elections. The social media giant is adding two more categories of false information to its existing plan, which it introduced in 2016, in an effort to counter new different kinds of abuse. Facebook already removes verifiably false-hearted posts about the dates, occasions and places of polling stations — but…


Tech and ad giants sign up to Europes first weak bite at fake news

October 14, 2018

The European Union’s executive body has signed up tech platforms and ad industry players to a voluntary  Code of Practice aimed at trying to do something about the spread of disinformation online. Something, just not anything too specifically quantifiable. According to the Commission, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Mozilla, some additional members of the EDIMA trade association, plus unnamed advertising groups are among those that have signed up to the self-regulatory code,…


Trump rage-tweets Google alleging search bias

September 24, 2018

While several tech giants have found themselves in President Trump’s crosshairs since he took office, he has just loosed what seems to be his most maintained attack on Google to date — firing off a couple of tweets at~ 5.30 am Washington DC time to rail against what he claims is algorithmic bias in the results the search engine serves up when a person is types in “Trump News”. No,…


NewsGuard Wants to Fight Fake News With Humans, Not Algorithms

September 23, 2018

Say you’re scrolling through Facebook, find an clause that seems a little hinky, and pennant it. If Facebook’s algorithm has decided you’re trustworthy, such reports then might go to the social network’s third-party fact checkers. If they mark the narrative as false, Facebook will make sure fewer people see it in the News Feed. For those who see it anyway, Facebook will surface related articles with alternative solutions standpoint only…


Highlights from the Senate Intelligence hearing with Facebook and Twitter

September 21, 2018

Another day, another political grilling for social media platform giants. The Senate Intelligence Committee’s fourth hearing took place this morning, with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey present to take questions as bearded wiseman CEO Jack Dorsey (whose experimental word of the month appears to be “cadence” — as in he frequently said he would like a greater “cadence” of meetings with intelligence tips from law enforcement). But…


Civil, the blockchain journalism startup, has partnered with one of the oldest names in media

September 16, 2018

Civil, applying its blockchain-enabled licensing mechanism, which continues to be in developing, will help the AP track where its content is going and whether it’s licensed accurately. In exchange, the AP has granted the newsrooms in Civil’s network licenses to its content. Civil, which has raised$ 5 million from the blockchain venture studio ConsenSys, are projected to establish the licensing tool available to all the newsrooms in its ecosystem formerly…


WhatsApp hits Indias Jio feature phones amidst fake news violence

September 14, 2018

False rumors forwarded on WhatsApp have led indignant rabble to assassination strangers in India, but the Facebook-owned chat app is still racing to add customers in the two countries. Today it launched specific features telephone version of WhatsApp for JioPhone 1 and 2′ s KaiOS, which are designed to support 22 of India’s immense array of native expressions. Consumers will be able to send text, photos, videos and voice contents…