AWW: Jim Acosta NOT happy Trump didn’t give him time to perform after tax bill signing

January 10, 2018

CNN’s Jim Acosta has proven that he really enjoys being a center of attention at President Trump’s press conferences, and that’s one reason he’s really disappointed that there was no end-of-year presser after the signing of the tax invoice: No surprise Trump did not comprise year end report conf. Q’s he evaded: 1. Threatening US allies at UN? 2. How would levy design benefit you? 3. Regret endorsing accused child…


Facebook says Russia did try to meddle in Brexit vote

November 22, 2017

BuzzFeed has obtained a statement from Facebook in which the tech monster acknowledges, for the first time, that some Russia-linked reports may have use its platform to try to interfere in the UK’s European Union referendum vote in June 2016. Which intends Russian agents weren’t just applying Facebook to meddle in the 2016 US presidential election, and in other recent elections in the West — such as those in France…


Bot-hunting Twitter bot sniffs out bogus political tweets

November 5, 2017

If you’ve ever wondered if the hashtag heavy, politically far afield Twitter user you’re about to eviscerate in 140 characters is altogether delusional or merely not quite sentient, well, wonder no more. On Wenesday, Quartz only launched a handy Twitter bot known as @probabot_ to sort so much better automated chaff from Twitter’s proverbial the sectors of wheat. Probabot recognizes political tweets and then investigates them utilizing something called the…


Google shuts YouTube channel implicated in Kremlin political propaganda ops

October 28, 2017

A YouTube channel that had been implicated in Russia disinformation activities to target the U.S. 2016 election has been taken down by Google. Earlier this week The Daily Beast claimed the canal, run by two black video bloggers calling themselves Williams and Kalvin Johnson, comes within the framework of Russian disinformation activities — saying this had been confirmed to it by investigates examining how social media platforms had been are…


Mark Zuckerberg responds to Trumps claim that Facebook has always been against him

October 20, 2017

What a country some of us live in. Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump said Facebook “was always anti-Trump.” Now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded, posting on Facebook that the point of Facebook is to “give all people a voice and create a platform for all ideas.” He also said he regretted rejecting the relevant recommendations that fake news on Facebook changed the outcome of the election. After research…


The trouble with Sandberg saying Facebook allows fake news ads

October 15, 2017

If the Russian-bought election interference ads hadn’t been bought by fraudulent reports, “Most of them would be allowed to run” Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said this morning. “The responsibility of an open platform is to allow people to express themselves” she said during the first of an Axios interview serial with Facebook execs. “The thing about free expression is when you allow free expression you allow free expression, ” Sandberg…


Facebook security chief rants about misguided algorithm backlash

October 13, 2017

“I am ascertaining a ton of coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and strikes against fantasy, strawman tech cos” wrote Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos on Saturday in a stagger tweetstorm. He claims columnists misunderstand the complexity of assaulting fake news, deride Facebook for thinking algorithms are neutral when the company knows they aren’t, and encourages reporters to talk to engineers who actually deal…


Facebook tries fighting fake news with publisher info button on links

October 9, 2017

Facebook guess testifying Wikipedia enters about publishers and additional Related Articles will give consumers more context about the links they ascertain. So today it’s beginning a test of a brand-new “i” button on News Feed connections that opens up an informational panel. “People informed us that they crave more information about what they’re reading” Facebook product manager Sara Su tells TechCrunch. “They want better tools to help them understand if…


Trump calls Facebook anti-Trump so it goes soft on him

October 2, 2017

Trump may have found a path to tie Facebook’s hands as it investigates Russian interference into the election. Without quoting any evidence or even a reason, Donald Trump today was indicated that “Facebook was always anti-Trump”. That’s despite Trump’s campaign heavily relying on targeted Facebook ads during the election to rally citizens likable to his label of nationalism. This morning Trump tweeted, “Facebook was always anti-Trump. The Networks were always…


InfoWars host responds to girl who called him a f**king idiot

September 16, 2017

he young child who called him a “fucking idiot” emphatically didn’t win him in a debate–even though no one thought that was the instance. “All your best friend are seeing this now, this clip for whatever reason has reached the stratosphere more than anything I’ve ever done, ” Shroyer said. “Of course, they understand that this girl patently didn’t overcome me in any debate.” The InfoWars personality then devolved into…


Facebook fights fake news with links to other angles

August 5, 2017

Facebook will become the suggester of perspective to avoid being the arbiter of truth. Its rolling out Related Articles that appear below news links to stories lots of people are posting about on Facebook, or that are suspected to be false news and have been externally fact checked by Facebooks partners. Appearing before someone reads, Related Articles will surface links to additional reporting on the same topic to provide different…


Facebook fights fake news spread via modified link previews

July 20, 2017

Until now, any Facebook Page that posted a connection could change the headline, form text and image that appeared in the News Feed preview. That allowed fake news distributors to bait-and-switch readers into visiting sections they didnt expect, or make it look like legitimate report publishers were posting inflammatory or false-hearted headlines. But it also let real report stores A/ B test link previews, tailor content to different audiences and…