How Facebooks Rise Fueled Chaos and Confusion in Myanmar

July 19, 2018

A firefighter sprays a smoldering building in the wake of skirmishes between Buddhists and Muslims that left at the least 20 people dead in a the central Myanmar town of Meikhtila in 2013. After the unrest, which left scores of houses in flames, Myanmar’s army took self-control in the city. Protesters comprise signs and chant during a show against Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, as she attends…


Facebook would make a martyr by banning Infowars

July 18, 2018

Alex Jones’ Infowars is a fake-news seller. But Facebook deleting its Page could kindle a flame that expends the network. Still, some commentators are asking why it hasn’t done so already. In response, CNN’s Oliver Darcy : “I asked them why InfoWars is still allowed on the platform. I didn’t get a good answer.” BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel meanwhile that allowing the Infowars Page to exist shows that “Facebook simply isn’t…


The Complexity of Simply Searching for Medical Advice

July 16, 2018

In the first few hours of a newborn’s life, doctors administer a vitamin K hit. This is because infants are born without enough of the vitamin, and the newborn needs a boost to prevent any potential bleeding. This is a routine practice–ask your pediatrician, your obstetrician, or the CDC. “Babies are born with very low stores of vitamin K, and without the Vitamin K hit … they do not given…


WhatsApp now marks forwarded messages to curb the spread of deadly misinformation

July 16, 2018

WhatsApp just introduced a new feature designed to help its consumers identify the origin of information that they receive in the messaging app. For the first time, a forwarded WhatsApp message will include an indicator that recognizes it as sent. It’s a small shift for the messaging platform, but potentially one who are able to make a big difference in accordance with the rules people give information, specially dubious viral…


Facebook prohibits gun accessories from being advertised to minors

July 12, 2018

Facebook announces additional restrictions on firearm-related publicizing . Image: NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES Facebook is is strengthening its rules on advertising grease-gun accessories to minors. The social media giant announced it would restrict the advertising of weapon accessories, such as optics, belt accessories and holsters, to those over the age of 18. It is not outright censoring the advertising of this type of items. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s desperate for people…


Facebook reverses its crypto ad ban

July 8, 2018

As there’s clearly too much ad revenue potential to ignore, Facebook today announced it’s reversing its cryptocurrency ad ban effective immediately. The decision comes with a few caveats, however. The corporation tells it will allow ads and related content from” pre-approved advisers ,” but will still not permit ads promoting binary the possibilities and initial coin offerings. Facebook had first enacted the ban in January, announcing at the time that…


Facebook is buying UKs Bloomsbury AI to ramp up natural language tech in London

July 7, 2018

Perhaps rightly, there has long been a perception that Google-owned Deepmind has been the most aggressive in hoovering up a lot of the U.K.’s better aptitude in artificial intelligence, but now Facebook appears to be turning its eye to the country. TechCrunch is felt that the social network behemoth is acquiring London-based Bloomsbury AI, a startup that have already established natural language processing( NLP) engineering to help machines answer questions…


Facebook is building a 3D virtual reality based on your photos so you can relive your prom album in real time (without your date)

July 6, 2018

It is the first engineering of its kind that sets blinking while considering uncontrollable variables like illuminating. Adobe, the leading photo editing software, does not even have the capability to do that yet . Image: Shutterstock/ sp3n Facebook wants to open your eyes in photos where they’re shut — and now it can. A pair of Facebook engineers have come up with an artificial intelligence tool that secures people’s closed…


Digital campaigning vs democracy: UK election regulator calls for urgent law changes

June 28, 2018

A report by the UK’s Electoral Commission has called for urgent changes in the existing legislation to increase transparency about how digital tools are being used for political campaigning, warns that an atmosphere of mistrust is threatening the democratic process. The oversight body, which likewise governs campaign expend, has spent the past time examining how digital campaigning was used in the UK’s 2016 EU referendum and 2017 general election —…


Facebook blocks ad for actual news claiming it’s ‘political’

June 28, 2018

Of track . Image: Christophe Morin/ IP3/ getty Having missed the boat totally on fake report, Facebook appears to now be plunging the hammer on the real stuff. The nonprofit investigative journalism store Reveal wrote a major tale this week involving immigrant children allegedly being forcibly administered with medications at a government-contractor lead detention center. As stores do these days, it attempted to share the narrative on Facebook with its…


Facebook Is Giving Scientists Its Data to Fight Misinformation

June 25, 2018

Facebook is preventing a open eye on misinformation in the lead-up to 2018′ s elections. Which elections, exactly? All of them, according to the team working within the company to duel fake news. That intends Turkey in June, Mexico in July, Rwanda in September, Brazil in October, and the US in November, to list merely a few. It’s a lot to keep track of, even–or perhaps especially–for a company as…


Facebook expands fact-checking program, adopts new technology for fighting fake news

June 24, 2018

Facebook this morning announced an expansion of its fact-checking program and other actions it’s taking to combat the scourge of fake report on its social network. The corporation, which was found to be compromised by Russian trolls whose disinformation campaigns around the November 2016 presidential election reached 150 million Americans, has been increasing its efforts at fact-checking report through a combination of technology and human its consideration in the months…


Papua New Guinea bans Facebook for a month to root out ‘fake users’

June 21, 2018

Analysts will explore how fake news and porn spreads, and assess whether country needs its own version of the platform The Papua New Guinean government will ban Facebook for a month in a bid to crack down on” fake users” and examine the effects the website is having on the population. The communication minister, Sam Basil, said the shutdown would allow his department’s analysts to carry out the investigations and…


This chain-smoking robot is taking one for the team

June 17, 2018

First Congress , now The Onion is going after Zuckerberg . Image: Getty Images/ chip Smodevilla Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is get a savor of what happens when you piss off The Onion. The satirical report website has been relentlessly trolling Zuckerberg and Facebook for the past few days and promises it’s only getting started. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s desperate for people to take its fake news battle severely While the…


Former Cambridge Analytica CEO Faces His Ghosts in Parliament

June 15, 2018

During a nearly four-hour grilling before Parliament Wednesday, Alexander Nix, former CEO of the now defunct data firm Cambridge Analytica, faced the ghosts of his past. In the green-carpeted chamber where the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee interrogated Nix for the second time this year, the audience included Christopher Wylie, the former Cambridge Analytica employee who blew the whistling on the surreptitious harvesting of up to 87 million Facebook…


Cambridge Analyticas Nix said it licensed millions of data points from Acxiom, Experian, Infogroup to target US voters

June 13, 2018

The repeat grilling by the U.K. parliament’s DCMS committee today of Alexander Nix, the former CEO of the now ex company Cambridge Analytica — aka the controversial political and commercial ad agency at the center of a Facebook data misuse scandal — was not able to shed much new light on what may or may not ought to have going on inside the company. But one nugget of information Nix…


Facebook kills its Trending section

June 12, 2018

Facebook really doesn’t want to be a media company. The social network announced this morning it’s removing its often controversial “Trending” segment from its locate next week, in order to make way for” future report suffers ,” it articulates. These experiences include things like a dedicated section for report videos on its video hub Facebook Watch, a smashing news label publishers can use on their posts, and a dedicated section…


Exclusive: Facebook Opens Up About False News

June 10, 2018

News Feed, the algorithm that powers the core of Facebook, resembles a giant irrigation system for the world’s datum. Running properly, it nourishes all the harvests that different people like to eat. Sometimes, though, it gets diverted entirely to sugar plantations while the wheat domains and almond trees expire. Or it gets polluted because Russian trolls and Macedonian teens toss in LSD tablets and dead raccoons. For years, the open-ended…


Zuckerberg didnt make any friends in Europe today

June 8, 2018

Speaking in front of EU lawmakers today Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg namechecked the GDPR’s core principles of “control, transparency and accountability” — claiming his corporation will deliver on all that, see Friday, when a new European Union data protection framework, GDPR, starts being applied, finally with penalties worth the enforcement. However there was little transparency or accountability on prove during the session, given the upfront questions format which ascertained Zuckerberg…


Papua New Guinea Wants to Ban Facebook. It Shouldn’t

June 7, 2018

Papua New Guinea, a small, island nation that shares a border with Indonesia, may soon turn off Facebook. The nation’s communication official proposed Tuesday that the government restrict access to the website for one month while it conducts research into issues like fake profiles, misinformation, and pornography. PNG will likewise reportedly explore making its own, government-run alternative to Facebook. When the report reached Western outlets Tuesday, some people praised. It…