Facebooks Head of Product Leaves After Privacy Pivot

March 17, 2019

Just last spring, Chris Cox, the manager product police officers of Facebook, was promoted to likewise supervise WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. It seemed at the time almost like succession planning. If Mark Zuckerberg were to ever leave the company, Cox, his longtime confidante and a representative of the engineering and product back, would be set up to run it. But Cox announced today that, after 13 times at the company,…


9 Questions for Facebook After Zuckerbergs Privacy Manifesto

March 16, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg presented an completely new philosophy. For 15 times, the stated goal of Facebook has been to build the nations of the world more open and connected; the unstated purpose was creating a targeted ad structure built on virtually infinite data. Yesterday, though, Zuckerberg pronounced that the company is reversing track. The social network of the future won’t be one where everyone connects openly together, as in…


Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook mission statement hides his real aim | Emily Bell

March 14, 2019

Social media founders exclaim their idealism, like modern day messiahs. Yet all they crave is global market domination It is hard to remember that there was a blissful time , not so long ago, when corporation chief executives were anonymous creatures who rarely expressed with the outside world and, when they did, it was through the unengaging medium of a corporate press release. As with many other perfectly good practices,…


Russian Trolls Lawsuit Against Facebook Hits a Wall

March 13, 2019

A California judge is tapping the brakes on a mercenary legion deployed to 10 countries. In the past, FAN and the IRA have shared staff members and office room. And Virginia prosecutors have charged a FAN employee called Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova with handling the finances for disinformation operations at both groups, as well as nearly a dozen other shell organizations operating under the umbrella” IRA–a degree the Russians quoth as…


What’s the Value of a Facebook Cryptocoin?

March 11, 2019

Just before the Civil War, and long before the Federal Reserve, the United States had 8, 000 kinds of fund. It was a chaotic, mystifying time to buy your groceries. Private banks issued mentions with the promise of backing in amber and silver, but their actual appreciate was anybody’s guess. Soon other companies–drug stores, coal mines, and of course railroads, the wealthy connectors of their day–jumped into the fray. What’s…


Facebook Will Crack Down on Anti-Vaccine Content

March 11, 2019

As Clark County, Washington, combats an ongoing measles outbreak, Facebook declared Thursday that it’s decreasing the reach of anti-vaccine information on its platform. It will no longer allow it to be promoted through ads or recommendations, and will make it less prominent in search results. The social network will not take down anti-vaccine posts wholly, nonetheless. The corporation also said it was exploring ways to give users more context about…


Here’s how WhatsApp is fighting fake news in India

March 3, 2019

What’s up with fake news on WhatsApp ? Image: HAYOUNG JEON/ EP-AEFE/ REX/ SHUTTERSTOCK WhatsApp is on the offensive. In New Delhi on Wednesday, Facebook-owned WhatsApp comprised a news conference to share how it is tackling fake reports and the spread of misinformation on its platform of 1. 5 billion consumers. The conference was especially urgent because India will maintain its elections in April — and India, site of WhatsApp’s…


Security News This Week: Google Forgot To Mention the Nest Secure’s Hidden Mic

March 2, 2019

The Mueller investigation has lasted so long, it &# x27; s easy to forget that it &# x27; ll terminate at some degree. In fact, according to recent reports, it is likely to wrap up as early as next week. But what does that mean exactly? We took a look at seven distinct alternatives, from fizzle to fireworks. As though the border wall “national emergency” wasn &# x27; t enough…


Facebook is full of anti-vaxxers spreading fake information

March 2, 2019

What should Facebook’s role be in countering anti-vaccination plot beliefs ? Image: BSIP/ UIG via Getty Images In the incidents of anti-vaxxer activity on Facebook, “going viral” can be deadly. A brand-new investigation from The Guardian has unveiled how Facebook is a hotbed of anti-vaxxer plot assumptions. It went inside private Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members to see how anti-vaxxers peddling fake redress to manipulate worried parents…


What does it actually take to hack an election? Technically Speaking

March 1, 2019

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg no showed an international committee hearing in the UK where it was unveiled that Facebook knew of Russia data issue in 2014. Lawmakers from nine two countries openly mocked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for not attending a hearing in the UK. On Tuesday, two dozen lawmakers from nine international parliaments convened in London for the inaugural “International Grand Committee on Disinformation.” The intended purpose of the…


Why every politician should stream their own State of the Union response

February 28, 2019

The future of the State of the Union response is streaming . Image: Al Drago/ CQ Roll Call History will be made following President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Stacey Abrams will build history as the first black female to deliver the official response to the State of the Union for either major party. The progressive Georgia Democrat, who also made history last year as…


UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook

February 26, 2019

A final report by a British parliamentary committee which invested months last year analyse online political disinformation shapes very uncomfortable speaking for Facebook — with the company singled out for “disingenuous” and “bad faith” responses to democratic concerns about the misuse of people’s data. In the report, published today, the committee has also called for Facebook’s use of user data to be investigated by the UK’s data watchdog. In an…


Highlights & transcript from Zuckerbergs 20K-word ethics talk

February 24, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg says it might be right for Facebook to let people pay to not ensure ads, but that it would feel incorrect to charge consumers for extra privacy self-controls. That’s just one of the fascinating philosophical vistums the CEO shared during the firstly of his public talks he’s promised as one of the purposes of his 2019 personal challenge. Talking to Harvard Law and computer science prof Jonathan Zittrain…


Facebook removes hundreds of accounts linked to fake news group in Indonesia

February 22, 2019

Facebook said today it has removed the thousands of Facebook and Instagram accounts with linked to an organization that peddled fake news. The world’s fourth largest country with a population of more than 260 million, Indonesia is in an election year alongside Southeast Asia neighbors Thailand and the Philippines. Facebook said this week it has set up an” election integrity” team in Singapore, its APAC HQ, as it tries to…


Nick Clegg announces Facebook will open another ‘war room’ to combat fake news

February 21, 2019

Facebook is bringing its election’ war chamber’ to Europe . Image: NOAH BERGER/ AFP/ Getty Images Facebook will soon open another election “war room” to help its fight against fake report ahead of the 2019 European Parliament Elections. The move was announced in a speech by the social network’s new policy chief and former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who said the conflict room would open this spring at…


Is Europe closing in on an antitrust fix for surveillance technologists?

February 14, 2019

The German Federal Cartel Office’s decision to order Facebook to change how it processes users’ personal data this week is a sign the antitrust tide could at last be turning against platform power. One European Commission source we spoke to, who was noting in a personal ability, described it as” clearly pioneering” and “a big deal”, even without Facebook being penalty a dime. The FCO’s decision instead censors the social…


Snopes is done fact-checking for Facebook

February 10, 2019

Are we breakin’ up ? Image: BOB AL-GREENE/ MASHABLE Users aren’t the only people breaking up with Facebook. In a post published Friday, the fact-checking organisation Snopes announced that it would no longer working in collaboration with Facebook to fact-check narratives shared on the platform. “At this time we are evaluating the ramifications and costs of supplying third-party fact-checking services, and we want to determine with certainty that our efforts…


Starting with data centers, Carbon Relay is slashing energy costs and emissions using AI

February 6, 2019

Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn International is backing Carbon Relay , a Boston-based startup originating from stealth today that’s harnessing the algorithms are exploited by corporations like Facebook and Google for artificial intelligence to kerb greenhouse gas emissions in these new technologies industry’s own backyard — the data center. Already, the calculating requirements of the technology industry are responsible for 3 percent of total power consumption — and the addition of…


Facebook shares shoot up after strong Q4 earnings despite data breach

February 3, 2019

Facebook managed to beat Wall Street’s estimates in its Q4 earnings amidst a constant beatdown in the press. Facebook hit 2.32 billion monthly users, up 2.2 percent from 2.27 billion last quarter, speeding up its growth rate. Facebook climbed to 1.52 billion daily active users from 1.49 billion last quarter for a 2 percent growth rate that dwarfed last quarter’s 1.36 percent. Facebook earned $16.91 billion off all those users…


Facebook, Google and Twitter told to do more to fight fake news ahead of European elections

February 1, 2019

A first batch of monthly progress reports from tech giants and advertising companies on what they’re doing to help fight online disinformation have been published by the European Commission. Platforms including Facebook, Google and Twitter signed up to a voluntary EU code of practice on the issue last year. The first reports cover measures taken by platforms up to December 31, 2018. The implementation reports are intended to detail progress…