Facebook’s Zuckerberg Earns Likes for Washington Performance

April 12, 2018

Company’s shares jump more than 5 percentage to two-week high CEO looked uncomfortable on occasion, but got a few giggles too Mark Zuckerberg apologized, defended his corporation, and jousted with questioners while come to terms with others during his first-ever congressional testament. Early examines on his effort to restore trust with lawmakers and the public were mostly positive. ” It was my mistake, and I’m sorry ,” Zuckerberg told Tuesday,…


Does Facebooks Ad Tool Mislead Voters?

April 7, 2018

Facebook Inc . consumers who are worried that advertisers reaped their data to manipulate them with political propaganda have a potentially powerful tool to violate the trance: a button on the corner of each Facebook ad that mentions,” Why am I seeing this? “ Yet, rather than providing unfiltered transparency, this Facebook function is instead feeding users frequently misleading–and sometimes untrue–reasons for why they’ve been targeted, tests of the purpose…


World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Heading to Malta

April 1, 2018

Binance to announce banking partnership in Malta: Zhao Move to Europe comes after crackdowns in Japan, China cracking down on cryptocurrency exchanges since last year, inducing it difficult for venues like Binance to find a permanent base. The corporation had an office in Japan and was trying to get a license to operate there, but decided to remove its staff to avoid a clash with neighbourhood regulators, Zhao supposed. Japan’s…


Trump Says Trade Wars Aren’t So Bad

March 27, 2018

President Donald Trump repetition his commitment to slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum, rejecting very concerned about a global commerce struggle and telling the U.S. suffering from poor trading conditions with other nations, including those in the European Union. Just hours later, White House economic consultant Gary Cohn, who had tried in vain to head off the tariffs, announced his abdication. The president’s fresh praise of customs tariffs on Tuesday…


Russia blocks UN resolution on eastern Ghouta ceasefire

March 14, 2018

Reports of civilian casualties in Syrian rebel enclave are mass psychosis, envoy claims Russia has blocked a UN resolution that would have established a 30 -day ceasefire and humanitarian deliveries in east Ghouta, went on to say that widespread reporting of heavy civilian casualties in the besieged area on the leading edge of the Syrian capital, Damascus, was a product of” mass psychosis “. The Russian emissary to the UN,…


Facebooks tracking of non-users ruled illegal again

March 3, 2018

Another blow for Facebook in Europe: Judges in Belgium have once again ruled the company transgressed privacy statutes by deploying technology such as cookies and social plug-ins to track internet users across the web. Facebook utilizes data it accumulates in this way to sell targeted ad. The social media giant is impossible to make it sufficiently clear how people’s digital activity was being used, the court ruled. Facebook faces fines…


Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI

February 18, 2018

Exclusive: memo written by former writer Cody Shearer independently sets out some of the allegations made by ex-spy Christopher Steele Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI Nick Hopkins Share on Google+ Share on WhatsApp Share on Messenger Democrat criticize Trump over absence of Russian sanctions- video


‘This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions’: Dutch reporters confront new US envoy

January 14, 2018

Pete Hoekstra, who imparted excruciating interview last year in which he described his own terms as fake news, frictions with correspondents on first day in job The new US ambassador to the Netherlands- in trouble over a fake news scandal- clashed on Wednesday with Dutch reporters who told him:” This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions .” On his first official period in the number of jobs, Pete…


US ambassador to Netherlands describes own words as ‘fake news’

December 27, 2017

New ambassador Pete Hoekstra then denied saying hed applied the word in interview with Dutch TV The US diplomat to the Netherlands faced an excruciating instant on television when he denied ever saying that there were no-go areas in the Netherlands, calling the relevant recommendations” fake news “. Trump’s brand-new alternative for representative, Pete Hoekstra, who was only sworn in by the vice president, Mike Pence, on 11 December, was…


Thirty countries use ‘armies of opinion shapers’ to manipulate democracy report

November 26, 2017

Governments in Venezuela, the Philippines, Turkey and elsewhere use social media to affect elections, drive schedules and counter commentators, says report The governments of 30 countries around the globe are using legions of so called sentiment shapers to meddle in elections, improvement anti-democratic schedules and repress their citizens, a new report shows. Unlike widely reported Russian attempts to influence foreign elections, most of the offending countries use the internet to…


Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

November 8, 2017

Exclusive: Billionaire media mogul says it is hard to understand why a country doing so well want to get wrecking it Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul and former mayor of New York, has said Brexit is the” single stupidest thing any country has in the past done” apart from the election of the members of Donald Trump as US president. Bloomberg was contended that” it is really hard to…


Iceland’s president asks opposition Left-Greens to form coalition

November 5, 2017

President takes unusual stair of requesting commander of second largest party to shape alliance following Saturdays click general election Iceland’s president has asked the leader of the Left-Green Movement, Katrin Jakobsdottir, to form a new government, although it called the election in September after less than a year in bureau as a scandal involving “his fathers” prompted a government friend to drop out of his ruling coalition. ” I have…


Google, Facebook, Twitter Scramble to Hold Washington at Bay

October 31, 2017

Last month, Google summoned about 200 staff from around the world for the purposes of an annual policy meeting. One agenda item was different this time: How to deal with the sudden drumbeat of bawls in the U.S. to govern the company for being too big. The two-day retreat in Monterey, California, where employees from the $682 billion company plied Washington policy experts with questions about the pros and cons…


The Trump-Russia dossier: why its findings grow more significant by the day

October 15, 2017

As US officers analyse potential collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign, the serial of reports by the former UK intelligence official Christopher Steele are casting an ever darker shadow over the president Nine months after its first appearance, the define of intelligence reports known as the Steele dossier, one of the most explosive documentation in modern political record, is still hanging over Washington, casting a darknes over the Trump…


How down-at-heel Lisbon became the new capital of cool

August 18, 2017

Four years ago, Portugals capital felt like a city on its knees. Now it is being touted as hip, inexpensive and innovative. But is the socialist government miscarrying Lisbons poor in its scoot to revitalise? In Lisbon people keep telling me about the surfing. Its great. The beaches are 20 times from the beautiful, historic and lively regional centres for Lisbon. You get the best of everything: Bondi satisfies old-time…


Empty Spanish church transformed into ‘Sistine chapel’ of skateboarding

August 17, 2017

A group of skateboard enthusiasts and a Madrid street artist convert abandoned church into mural-covered skatepark From the outside, there is little that distinguishes this 100-year-old church in the northern Spanish town of Llanera from any other. But step inside the Romanesque revival structure and youll find a space transformed: where there were pews there is now a half pipe; prayers have given way to ollies and peeling paint has…


Greek gloom as economy stalls amid latest bout of EU wrangling

August 9, 2017

Only diehard communists now take to the streets in a nation where the Brussels bailout programme is showing little signs of working Eight years into Greeces ordeal to escape bankruptcy, thousands of Communist party sympathisers packed into Syntagma Square in Athens on Friday to protest at the latest concessions made by Alexis Tsiprass leftist government to keep the country afloat. Massed before parliament in the fading light of day, they…


Trump personally crafted son’s misleading account of Russia meeting report

August 1, 2017

Trump reportedly dictated proclamation which imparted misrepresented version of Trump Tower encounter aboard Us air force One on return from G20 summit President Trump personally prescribed the press statement issued in the name of his eldest son that misleadingly downplayed the significance of a 2016 had met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer, a new report alleged on Monday night. According to the first account of the gratify. But within 24…


The Observer view on Donald Trumps unfitness for office | Observer editorial

July 30, 2017

The incompetence and infighting at the White House dismay Americas friends and encourage its enemies The sense of things falling apart in Washington is palpable and a matter of produce, serious international regard. Donald Trumps latest asinine act of gesture politics, the Observer atom Like certain kinds of Shakespearean villain-clown, Trump plays not to the gallery but to the pit. He is a Falstaff without the humor or the self-awareness,…