50 Cent says he was offered $500,000 to attend Trump’s inauguration

March 15, 2019

President Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration wasn’t precisely “the worlds largest” well-attended event in history. And now it would appear that Trump understand what he had attendance issues, even before the ceremony has just taken place. At least that’s what Curtis Jackson, AKA, 50 Cent says. On The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jackson said that Trump’s people offered him half a million dollars to attend the inauguration. “I was…


In wild exchange, Michael Cohen says Trump asked him to threaten people ‘probably’ 500 times

March 4, 2019

Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday has been a real jaunt. One particular gem: Cohen are of the view that while he was Donald Trump’s personal advocate, Trump requested that he threaten people “probably” 500 times. That information? Not super surprising. The space Cohen arrived at the amount 500, nonetheless, was pretty striking — he and California representative Jackie Speier played what was essentially a short…


Seth Meyers breaks down the highlights of Michael Cohen’s testimony

March 4, 2019

Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen testified before Congress on Wednesday, in what Seth Meyers called “truly one of “the worlds largest” eventful days in the Trump presidency.” The Late Night host thankfully supplied a comprehensive, funny dislocation of Cohen’s testimony, including his revelation that Trump ordered him to pay off Stormy Daniels, and that the president had spoken with longtime advisor Roger Stone about WikiLeaks ahead of the…


Congressman Brad Sherman takes step toward impeaching Trump

February 28, 2019

For all of the various responses to Tuesday night’s State of the Union address by President Trump — including replies from Stacey Abrams, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Kamala Harris — perhaps the greatest was given by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Immediately after Trump’s speech concluded on Tuesday night, Grisham tweeted the following video, which testified her taking Trump to task over his immigration stance and adore of…


Stephen King’s tweet about the Trump shutdown is as blunt as you’d expect

February 12, 2019

There’s no love lost between these two . Image: Leigh Vogel/ WireImage/ Win McNamee/ Getty Images/ mashable composite Stephen King is certainly not one to mince his terms — and that goes double when it comes to Trump. The horror master spent a large chunk of 2018 chiding the President on Twitter, and — evaluate by his tweets so far in 2019 — he isn’t planning to stop any time…


Watch a 1950s TV villain named ‘Trump’ try to con people into building a wall

January 20, 2019

While President Donald Trump traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday to lobby for assistance of his perimeter wall program, the internet was buzzing about a 60 -year-old clip from an old Tv Western that features a villain named Trump pitching an idea for a wall to protect the townspeople. Yes, just like The Simpsons , it seems the old indicate Trackdown perfectly predicted a moment of the Trump presidency…


The influence of Snoop Dogg and the Beastie Boys on ‘Half Baked’

January 14, 2019

Snoop Dogg and Trump in 2011, simpler hours Image: Getty Images As the federal government shutdown drags on into another week, leave it to none other than rapper Snoop Dogg to deliver perhaps the hottest take yet about Donald Trump’s willingness to keep parts of the government shuttered for “months or even years” over funding for his border wall. Yes, while Trump is out there still trying to leverage Game…


University wants to banish Trumps favorite word in 2019

January 13, 2019

Yes, we’re all tired of hearing “No collusion! ” Image: Getty Images Even our vocabulary needs a fresh start for 2019. This has been a rough time in so many styles, even for the words we use — and particularly for those that President Donald Trump is constantly tweeting out. That’s why one group is proposing we ban the word “collusion.” Lake Superior State University has unveiled the 44 th…


5 things we’ll miss about 2018

January 10, 2019

President Barack Obama with an inspirational tweet to get 2019 started . Image: Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images for Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Barack Obama doesn’t just saying much to stimulate the masses. A simple message like the one the former chairman tweeted on New Year’s Day often does the trick. “In 2018 people strengthened in and presented up like ever been, ” Obama wrote. “Keep it up in 2019….


Watch ‘Donald Trump’ take on Bob Ross with his trademark humility The Bob Ross Challenge

December 27, 2018

White House chief of staff John Kelly likely fantasizing about life after the White House . Image: Getty Images The post-election bloodbath within the Trump administration continues as embattled chief-of-staff John Kelly is out, and is expected to be replaced by Vice President Mike Pence’s chief-of-staff Nick Ayers, who is now Trump’s third manager in less than two years, an unprecedented revolving door for a key position. SEE ALSO: Why…


Please enjoy this parody Christmas message from ‘Melania Trump’

December 26, 2018

Melania … er, Melanie Trump genuinely went all out with the White House Christmas message this year. And by “Melanie Trump” we mean actor/ singer Laura Benanti, who throws on quite a show in the sketch above for the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert . There’s singing, tap-dancing, a brief cartoon, and even a sneak peak into the White House’s “inclusivity corner”. Frankly you only need to see it…


‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open checks in on the Trump kids and Robert Mueller

December 21, 2018

Saturday Night Live ‘s latest cold open took yet another journey to Trumpworld, be concentrated on the president’s adult man-children, Eric and Donald Jr. The Christmas-adjacent sketch reads Eric fearful of the bogeyman in his closet. Don Jr. insists there’s nothing to be scared of, but when he leaves the room to get some( more) bad news from his solicitor, Eric determines himself face-to-face with the scariest demon of all…


Kellyanne Conway uses ‘alternative facts’ to explain that doctored Jim Acosta video

November 20, 2018

Kellyanne Conway is back at her alternative facts magic.Image: Getty Images Well, the definition of the word “altered” now seems to be up for debate — at least if you work for the Trump administration. After last week’s testy exchange at the White House between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and President Trump, Kellyanne Conway weighed in Sunday on the controversial video shared by the White House press secretary. Appearing on…


Sarah Huckabee Sanders shares doctored InfoWars video of Jim Acosta incident

November 16, 2018

President Trump get into a heated exchange with CNN director White House correspondent Jim Acosta . Image: AFP/ Getty Images The White House is spreading fake news. On Wednesday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted out an apparently doctored video of a testy exchange between President Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a post-election press conference. The video she tweeted originated from an editor at InfoWars, Alex Jones’ much-maligned…


Trump pulls back from climate change hoax claims, but still doesn’t believe its manmade

November 12, 2018

Trump tells’ 60 Times’ that climate change could overrule . Image: NICHOLAS KAMM/ AFP/ Getty Images In a apparently rare instance, Donald Trump was pressed about their own views on climate change on Sunday in an interview with 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl. Although Trump stepped back from his previous claims that climate change is a hoax, he stopped short of acknowledging that it is a manmade problem, and claimed that…


Facebook belatedly removes racist Trump campaign ad

November 9, 2018

Cough. Cough. Oops . Image: Chip Somodevilla/ getty I mean, it’s not like Facebook could have known the Trump campaign ad was a transparently racist am trying to gin up anti-immigration feeling just days before the midterms. Right? After first approving the ad, which depicted a convicted assassin and falsely associated him to a group of migrants fleeing violence in The countries of central america, for paid publicity, the Palo…


Jimmy Kimmel is sorry to report that Trump is not done delivering hypocritical statements

November 5, 2018

“If you thought Donald Trump had already made the hypocrisy apex, I’m sorry to report you were incorrect, ” Jimmy Kimmel remarked during the course of its Thursday night monologue. On Wednesday, a period after explosive devices were sent to not only Hillary Clinton’s home and Barack Obama’s office, but the New York roles of CNN, Trump is not merely did the absolute least he maybe could, but blamed the…


This robot dog has better dance moves than you

November 4, 2018

Wikipedia vandalism doesn’t last long, but it’s still an effective way to troll. Image: Bob Al-Greene, Mashable It’s Troll Week on Mashable. Join us as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of internet trolling. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s possible for trolling to reach an artwork sort — see subtle and even sublime — specially when it happens via Wikipedia, the internet’s open-source encyclopedia. In fact,…


Stephen Colbert points out the obvious reason why Trump shouldn’t call himself a ‘nationalist’

October 26, 2018

Donald Trump now refers to himself with a word he’s “not supposed to use.” The U.S. chairwoman now refers to himself as a “nationalist, ” a term many have pointed out as historically problematic, and The Late Show ‘s Stephen Colbert explains why that might not be the best of titles to give oneself. “You know, they have a word, it sort of grew old-fashioned, it’s called a nationalist, and…


Donald Trump used a noticeably out-of-date photo to commemorate 9/11. Ugh.

September 29, 2018

WHAT, ME WORRY ? Image: Getty Images Time to add another item to the listing of baffling decisions the White House established on 9/11. On Tuesday, the below tweet was transmitted from Donald Trump’s Twitter account as he and First Lady Melania Trump departed the White House for the September 11 remembrance liturgy in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, area of the crash of United Flight 93. . @RealDonaldTrump is an Orwellian manufacturer…