Why We Can’t Stop Hating The Poor

April 16, 2018

A T-shirt that announces “I HATE POOR PEOPLE” is considered unsuitable attire for most occasions. That’s because it’s a feeling most non-shitheads won’t express out loud. What we will do instead is make snide remarks about the girl with fucked-up teeth, or bad hygiene, or poor grammar, or “trashy” clothes. And we’ll positively seethe where reference is understand someone on the internet doing a GoFundMe to pay off medical statutes,…


5 Stupid Things We Need To Stop Clicking On

April 15, 2018

We are living through the final gasp of the Information Age. Experts is assessed that 62 percent of all information we now receive is purposely false-hearted, and that includes the percentage and experts I made up at the start of this sentence. The sad truth is, most of you are able to never have the critical thinking or experiment skills to know what’s real, and that will merely establish you…


6 Underreported Reasons Why The NRA Is Just The Worst

April 13, 2018

With AR-1 5s in the news because of [< i> insert this week’s horribly depressing reason here ], there’s a chance you might be be rather peeved at the organization attaining sure handguns are abundant and easy to acquisition in America, the National Rifle Association. But regardless of your politics, you’ve got to give the NRA some credit for their skill at obscuring horrifying stories that would kill any other…


Why Americans Hate The Poor (with David Wong & John Cheese)

March 29, 2018

If you’ve never received a free lunch at academy, you’ve avoided the most persistent and institutionalized shape of bullying in American culture. Because that meat that doesn’t cost money DOES cost a degree of shame that other kids don’t have to experience. It’s likewise reproach that’s often coming from official academy principles, doled out by power figures, because our society has low-key written that into constitution. Which begs the question:…


Babs Clones Her Dogs, Dern Goes ‘Pew,’ & More Celebrity News

March 24, 2018

Trying to find the cool celebrity narratives in the sea of political report is like trying to trench Tannis with a teacup. It’s gritty as hell and you’re probably delving in the wrong home. But since we’re the archaeologists you need right now, we’ve combed through the news and found the most interesting luminary stories. Source: The AV Club 10 9 Source: Variety Source: Us Magazine Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The…


How The NRA Lost Its Mind

March 19, 2018

In the wake of last year’s shooting in Las Vegas, which ascertained 58 concertgoers slaughtered and 800+ injured, Donald Trump promised that we’d be soon “be talking about grease-gun laws.” It was really easy to call bullshit on that promise, but then … we started talking about gun statutes. Namely, a statute to ban “bump stocks, ” the adjustment used by the crap-shooter to up the kill-itude of his weapons….


5 Real Ways We’re Canceling The Apocalypse

March 15, 2018

There are so many apocalyptic threats out there that it’s almost exciting to think of all the possible ways Earth could be doomed. Will it be meteors? Global warming? Penguins? Fortunately, whatever cataclysm is looming nearest, rest assured that our top brains are on the case thinking of solutions. And sure, some of those plans might look like the kind of blue-sky considering a particularly lazy fifth-grader would present as…


The Sad Reality Of A Christian Pick-Up Artist

March 15, 2018

This is the story of a mortal who raged against the vagina and forgotten. A humankind whose erecting succumbed hundreds of thousands of deaths, until all it had left was its God. But at its core, it’s the redemption narrative of a guy who proceeded from sexuality piranha to sexuality piranha for the Lord. If you have any holes on you, you already know who I’m talking about: pick-up artist…


6 Reporters Who Didnt Do The Research (And Paid The Price)

March 14, 2018

Interviewing a celebrity might seem exciting, but for media reporters, it’s simply another wearying day. There simply isn’t enough time to confirm precisely which superhero your subject is playing, what they’re knows we, or even who they are. Sure, that’s a journalist’s entire job, but it’s so much easier to presume Reddit got it right. These folks thought they could skate by without doing studies and research. They were wrong….


5 Totally WTF Times Real-World Problems Invaded Video Games

March 5, 2018

In a world once fitted with fun and promise, people now struggle with collapsing infrastructure and ethnic tension. There are mass demonstrations in the streets, widespread upheaval, and moral collapse. We are, of course, talking about video games. Games can be great, but virtual worlds can also be ruined by shitty circumstances and shittier people — just like the real one. For instance … Square Enix “Welcome to one of…


Why 2018 Is Gonna Be A Long Year If You Hate Donald Trump

March 3, 2018

If your politics lean left, your trusted pundits are telling you THIS. IS. THE. YEAR. when our disastrous political situation will turn itself around. “Robert Mueller’s closing in on Trump! The American people are starting to wise up! A midterm election Blue Wave( TM) will #Resist the #NotMyPresident into #DrumpfDefeat! ” Well what if we told you none of that will happen without a herculean effort on the part of…


I Read Steven Seagals Insane Novel So You Dont Have To

February 26, 2018

Once, it would have been inconceivable for Steven Seagal to write a novel about anything other than him punching guys in the penis. But hours change, and now Seagal has given us The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America , a “book of fiction based on reality.” — A jam-pack of four-legged coyotes extended past John’s vehicle . — When he parked at…


5 Heartbreaking Side Effects Of The Opioid Crisis In America

February 11, 2018

People ought to have get loaded ever since Julius Wine ate all those bad grapes, and we’re mostly OK with it. Sure, we have that War on Drugs business, but as long as dealers aren’t shooting each other within our immediate vicinity, there is a tendency to threw our managers in the sand about the whole thing. But prescription opioid painkillers, our latest medication epidemic, are a different beast altogether,…


Why The Length Of Your Fingers Dictate Who You Are

February 4, 2018

Unless some asshole only cut you off in traffic, “youre supposed to” don’t give much thought to how important your fingers are. People yearn for sexier legs, flatter belly, or bigger … noses, but no one says, “Man, I please my index finger was 0.2 inches longer.” And that’s too bad, because science now has reason to believe that if your fingers were longer or shorter, you are able to…


5 Important Things That We All Somehow Slack Off On

February 3, 2018

How much effort would you put into being, would you say? Like, say a 10 is drive three employment creation and still waking up to go moving for a few miles in the morning, and a 1 is preserving a bottle near your bunk so you don’t “re going to have to” get up to pee. While some of us are real go-getters, I hear secondhand that many of the…


There Are Rumors That Kylie Jenner Is In Labor Right Now

January 28, 2018

It’s 2018, and if you tweet it it’s true so…Kylie Jenner might be in labor. How do we know this? Well, predominantly because devotees are tweeting about it. Rumors began spreading this afternoon that Kylie may be in the hospital at this moment, presumably trying to film her own “miracle of birth” video with a bird-dog appearance filter. The root of the rumor is apparently a group chit-chat( aka the…


Be Warned: Your Own Trump Is Coming

January 26, 2018

One day, very soon, your personal Donald Trump will come along. It’ll be all of the same tricks, simply perfectly adapted to your notions and pent-up fury. He or she will be just as dishonest and as abrasive as the proverbial cat’s tongue on your genitals … but everything they say will go down smooth as butter. You know how sometimes you booze butter? Like the little bathtub of it…


What Paris, Gwyneth, And Other Famous Folks Are Up To Now

January 25, 2018

Trying to find the celebrity narratives in the sea of political news is like trying to run through an Aztec temple without getting hit by jolt darts. Fortunately, we put on our fedoras and constructed the run for you. Just watch out for the rolling boulder. Source: Vanity Fair 10 9 Source: Ars Technica Source: Medium Source: Comic Book, Indie Wire Source: Vanity Fair Source: People Source: BBC Source: People…


All The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming To Netflix In January

January 21, 2018

2017 is coming to an end( thank the Lord ), and so is the current Netflix lineup. Out with the old-time, in with the new old movies we forgot prevailed, or something. While I appreciate the brand-new names( more on this later ), I don’t totally is understandable Netflix has to take things away from us. Sure, I haven’t watched one episode of on Netflix to date, but that doesn’t…


Things We Should Have Learned From 2017, But Probably Didn’t

January 20, 2018

We’re inducing memes smarter. So can you. Inspect the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get started. It’s time to close the book on 2017, and not a few moments too soon. We can’t remember ever being this ready to be done with a year, and we’re super age-old. In the interest of not echoing its first year that has been, we requested readers to list the lessons we all should…