Bitcoin Is One of the Few Things Surging in a Sea of Losses

May 22, 2018

financial markets, Bitcoin is still flashing green. The biggest cryptocurrency climbed as much as 5.4 percent Tuesday to $9,412, the highest since March 7. Bitcoin has gained 20 percentage in the past week and 37 percent in April, on track for its better month because it record-breaking December. Bitcoin is rebounding from its worse are beginning to a year ever, as it slumped more than 50 percent during the first…


Instagram Will Now Let People Share Info From Apps Like Spotify

May 14, 2018

Instagram is get a new feature that’s straight out of Facebook’s past. The photo-sharing app, owned by Facebook Inc ., will be allowed people post knowledge from apps immediately to their Instagram Stories, which last-place for 24 hours. For lesson, while listening to a song on Spotify, someone would be able to tell their Instagram friends what title or album it is. People will also be able to directly share…


Trump of the tropics: the ‘dangerous’ candidate leading Brazil’s presidential race

April 25, 2018

Jair Bolsonaro has openly cheered dictatorship and publicly insulted women. Now hes deploying Trump-like tactics in his race for the presidency Jair Bolsonaros disciples had packed the arrivals hall of this far-flung Amazonian airport, united by their contempt for the left and an unbreakable determination to score a selfie with cheerleads for dictatorship but could soon become leader of the worlds fourth-largest democracy. When flight 2020 delivered the presidential hopeful…


Stormy Daniels Sues Trump Lawyer as White House Denies Affair

April 19, 2018

Daniels accuses Michael Cohen of defamation, suggesting she lied Trump strongly denies underlying allegations, spokesman says Donald Trump’s personal lawyer as a defendant in her litigation against the president, another crease in the legal morass arising as a result of her alleged liaison with Trump in 2006 and a subsequent agreement not to discuss the relationship. Daniels, an adult actress whose real epithet is Stephanie Clifford, claimed on Monday that…


Leave Right Now or Arm Yourself to the Teeth: Life in Caracas

February 7, 2018

As a child growing up in Venezuela, I enjoyed listening to the radio. I detected the voices, and the narrations they rotate, hypnotizing. Now, it’s torture. Especially the ads. At occasions, it seems as if they’re all instructing me to flee the country. Immediately. In one of them, the status of women offers to find a home for me to buy in Florida. In another, I’m told that, for a…


Mark Zuckerbergs Change of Heart Just Cost Him $3.3 Billion

January 24, 2018

Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He lost his home as the world’s fourth-richest person to Spanish retail billionaire $ 1 trillion in 2017 and an additional $192 billion in the first two weeks of 2018, in agreement with the Bloomberg index. For more on Facebook’s fake news dilemma, check out the podcast 😛 TAGEND


Thirty countries use ‘armies of opinion shapers’ to manipulate democracy report

November 26, 2017

Governments in Venezuela, the Philippines, Turkey and elsewhere use social media to affect elections, drive schedules and counter commentators, says report The governments of 30 countries around the globe are using legions of so called sentiment shapers to meddle in elections, improvement anti-democratic schedules and repress their citizens, a new report shows. Unlike widely reported Russian attempts to influence foreign elections, most of the offending countries use the internet to…


Bitcoin Surges Past $7,000 to Extend Record Rally

November 11, 2017

Bitcoin surged past $7,000 for the first time, breaching another milestone less than one month after it tore through the $5,000 mark. The digital currency $100 billion. ” It is simply remarkable how resilient bitcoin has been in the face of substantial negativity ,” said Lukman Otunuga, a research psychoanalyst at ForexTime, in a Nov. 1 mention to patrons.” The rate act been shown that bulls have a very firm…


AT&T’s DirecTV Is Giving Refunds on NFL Packages Due to Protests

October 23, 2017

Subscribers to AT& T Inc.’s DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket who want to cancel the service because of football players’ national anthem complains can get refunds, is in accordance with customer services representatives. The protests, which started with some players kneeling during the course of its anthem to protest racial inequality, has expanded to squads and even proprietors relating limbs in a show of unity. The questions has been exaggerated by…


Pope Francis injured while riding in popemobile in Colombia

September 21, 2017

Concluding trip-up to Colombia, pope entreaties to people to untie the knots of violence after 50 -year civil war Pope Francis, his eye bandaged and blackened after an accident in the popemobile, wrapped up his trip to Colombia on Sunday appealing to the country to” untie the knots of violence” after a 50 -year civil war. His last day in the two countries got off to a rocky start when…


Trump threatens ‘military option’ in Venezuela as crisis escalates

August 13, 2017

In a surprise intervention, Donald Trump said he has not been able to rule out using military force as the country descends further into civil unrest Donald Trump threatened a US military intervention in Venezuela on Friday, a dramatic escalation in his government stance towards the Countries of latin america which is descending into political chaos. Trump established the remarks in response to questions from reporters at his golf club…


‘Totally divided’: how Venezuela’s crisis split the Latin American left

August 11, 2017

After months of political disarray in the country, The countries of latin america formerly broadly joined leftist movement is in disarray In her first international speech as the chairmen of Brazils powerful Workers party, Gleisi Hoffmann waded immediately into polemic when she voiced uncompromising is supportive of Venezuelas president violent offensive by the privilege and endorsed a controversial brand-new ingredient assembly which Maduros commentators have described as a bare-faced grab…


Could political tension in Venezuela ignite a civil war?

August 6, 2017

The governments determination to uproot democratic institutions is sure to increase violence but the prospect of a takeover, or worse, remains uncertain The Venezuelan governments determination to uproot the countrys democratic institutions gazes almost certain to elevate the impoverished neglected nation and chaos. The abrupt removal of the independently minded “prosecutors ” Luisa Ortega, whose agency was prominent opposition leaders were taken from their dwellings by intelligence agents last week….


Venezuela: 50th day of protests brings central Caracas to a standstill

August 5, 2017

Venezuelans take to the streets, furious about dearths, rocketing inflation and human rights crackdowns, necessitating President Maduro hold elections Masses of demonstrators with lily-white shirts, homemade gas disguises and flags draped around their shoulders shut down a main road in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in a continuation of near-daily street protests. Soldiers shut access to the centre of the city and officials shut at least 10 metro stations in anticipation…


US hits Nicols Maduro with sanctions after Venezuela’s ‘sham’ election

August 3, 2017

Sanctions freeze Venezuelan chairmen resources under US jurisdiction and prevent US citizens from doing business with him The US government has Maduro hailed Sundays election as a popular authorization to dramatically recast the agitated state, but his political opponents have warned this could lead to the dissolution of existing the authority and become the two countries into a fully fledged dictatorship. On Monday, he was added to the growing roster…


On the frontline of Venezuela’s punishing protests

July 30, 2017

After two months of political upheaval, many wonder whether the relentless skirmishes with police will affect change or make things worse It starts with a distant rumbling, and then a chanted countdown from the demonstrators packed tight along the Caracas freeway. As the count reaches zero, the crowds briefly part, and a record of young protesters faces covered by T-shirts or makeshift gas masks hasten forward to confront heavily armed…