Ryan Reynolds Shares Creepy Newspaper Scan Of Himself As A Three-Year-Old That Also Revealed His Exact Address

March 14, 2019

However, upon closer examination or if you read the photo caption you will notice something kind of odd if not just plain’ creepy’ about the story. This narrative is so weird it may seem like one of his pranks but we promise it’s not fake report! Actor Ryan Reynolds recently posted this cute but odd newspaper scan of him posing for his daily newspapers at age 3 Image credits: Image…


30 Fake Viral Photos People Believed Were Real

February 28, 2019

# 2 A Guy Creating An Amazing Fried Rice Wave One of the recent viral perceptions was the ‘fried rice meme’ that presented a male making an incredible rice ripple in his pan. The image quickly received a lot of attention online and people from from all over the world starting photoshopping random things into the image. Regrettably, the photo itself is already fake since the rice wave is a…


30 Hilarious Reactions To Trump Declaring A National Emergency

February 22, 2019

Saturday Night Live replied in a classic Alec Baldwin parody sketch of the notice and then Twitter took it from there. Online customers tweeted out how the issue is surviving since the ominous testimony with the hashtag #NotesFromNationalEmergency and it is clear the commonwealth is suffering from nothing short of a zombie apocalypse. Scroll down below to see how people are handling the end of days and don’t forgotten to…


This Engineer Is An Actual Wall Expert And She Just Destroyed Trumps Wall Proposal In One Post

February 19, 2019

Engineer Amy Patrick is a court-accepted’ wall expert’ so she set out to explain why Donald Trump’s wall was not a viable project Amy Patrick In a detailed Facebook post run viral, Patrick laid out from an engineering view why the wall is “a disaster of numerous sorts waiting to happen.” No matter what side of the aisle you fall on, you can’t assist but realize that if anybody knows…


Patton Oswalt Gets Attacked By Troll On Twitter, Turns His Life Upside Down After Seeing His Timeline

February 1, 2019

Patton Oswalt has an active and outspoken online presence, with his amusing and often controversial tweets attracting a fair share of admirers as well as critics. And while some celebrities prefer to remain aloof from their fans, Oswalt seems to relish engaging with people reaching out to him, particularly his trolls. Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: Image credits: are complex, but there are usually some deep-seated psychological…


The Way This 11-Year-Old Destroyed Tomi Lahrens Tweet Goes Viral

December 24, 2018

So what’s the latest on that shiny brand-new In typical mode, Trump has taken it badly. Image credits: Image credits: Mari Copeny was understandably indignant. She decided to challenge Lahren’s assertion that the wall is the best use of taxpayer’s money, and proceeded to deliver a comeback that demonstrated an eloquence and maturity well beyond her tender age. LittleMissFlint The 11 -year-old from Flint, Michigan, has become well known for…


Whats Wrong With Todays Society Captured In 25+ Brutally Honest Illustrations By Angel Boligan

November 2, 2018

Boligan, who now lives in Mexico City, has received countless international awardings and worldwide acknowledgment for the course he highlights the rampant consumerism, loneliness, addiction and over-reliance on technology in Western society. We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of our favorite examples of Boligan’s work, cartoons that will stimulate you stop, see and perhaps realize the absurdity of our selfish and wasteful capitalist culture, which is slowly…


People Are Posting Examples Of How Media Can Manipulate The Truth (15 Pics)

October 31, 2018

The problem is bias. While ideally the media are due to be objective and hold power to account, in reality we know that most news stores are partisan and have their own agenda to improvement. Whether state-owned or run by some shady tax-avoiding billionaire, getting ‘the masses’ to view countries around the world from one particular perspective has always been a priceless power to wield. People have been posting examples…


20+ Couples That Absolutely Won Halloween

October 28, 2018

Sure binge-watching the brand-new Netflix horror series ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ might seem tempting, but the following index of hilarious and brilliant couple’s garbs might just change your psyche. From dead-on costume replicas to clever designs based on wordplay, hopefully, these creative clothings will invigorate you to get out there! and don’t forgotten to upvote your favs! # 1 My Friend’s Halloween Costume As Yin And Yang # 2…


Trump Asks Why Didnt They Call The FBI 36 Years Ago? Gets Shut Down With #WhyIDidntReport Tweets

October 13, 2018

In a series of tweets, he suggested that if Dr. Ford’s allegations were ‘as bad as she says,’ she would have reported it at the time, back in the 1980’s. This simplistic take on an experience that is deeply painful, personal and ridden with feelings of fear, shame and guilt, is sadly typical of a President who is chronically lacking in both empathy and self-awareness. #9 #10 #19 #20 #29…


These 20+ Pics Show How Dystopic Our Society Already Is, And Its Terrifying

September 25, 2018

The term ‘boring dystopia’ was coined by Fisher in 2015 and refers to the subliminal coercion that abounds in a capitalist society. So subtle, in fact, that unless you’re looking you might not realize its happening. Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror is the closest fantasy depiction of this theory, with his episodes questioning how far is too far when it comes to our evolving technology. Scroll down below to see the…


20 Logical Fallacies That Dumb People Use To Win Arguments, And How To Spot Them

September 24, 2018

With truth becoming an increasingly elusive abstraction in these days of fake report, refusal of scientific and appeal to partisan emotions over logic, enabled to smudge these fallacies is also an important skill to have. Logan Murphy, from San Francisco, has helpfully compiled a roster of the most frequent fallacies, in easily digestible and humorous illustrations. “They took a little bit to induce but it was a fun job, ”…


Church Offers Free Mom Hugs To People Shunned By Their Families For Being Gay, And Their Reactions Are Heart-Melting

September 20, 2018

The idea behind’ mommy hugs’ originally came from Oklahoma author Sara Cunningham. A religious woman living in a republican town, she struggled to deal with her son’s sexuality and told CBSshe felt, “I had to choose between my child and faith.” Her perspective changed after a exchange with her son, where he told her, “’Mom, I gratified person and I need you to be okay with it.’” It took period,…


15+ Of The Best Cosplays From San Diego Comic Con 2018

August 3, 2018

San Diego Comic Con is perhaps the most difficult convention of its kind in the entire world, with millions of followers waiting for it every year. It mixes popping with geek culture and embraces many genres and media. This time, Comic Con took place between 19 and 22 of July and celebrated the meeting of millions of followers, geeks and cosplayers. While most people foresee various trailers falling during the…


Girl Goes Viral On Twitter For Delivering All The Real Facts About Vaccines And People Cant Thank Her Enough

July 25, 2018

Twitter user tsharp did us all a favor lately by presenting the facts of the case about vaccines in a thouroughly modern route. She began a weave that perfectly showed the fallacies of the primary anti-vaxxer statements( mercury, autism etc .) utilizing cartoons and GIFs to keep the readily confused reader engaged. Twitter user tsharp recently uploaded an enlightening thread about vaccinations


25+ Of The Most Brutal Memes Trolling Trump After His Disgraceful Performance When Meeting Putin

July 21, 2018

Now because this is 2018 not 1968, people’s reactions have so far been limited to impotent anger and of course, memes. Snarky, inventive and brutally belittling memes. To be fair we all know of Donald Trump’s thin-skinned reactions to being mocked and criticized, so this form of objection may be even more effective than people making the streets in their hundreds of thousands. Who knows? And perhaps Trump is right,…