There’s a great Facebook joke in the opening credits of ‘Silicon Valley’ newest season

The opening credits of Silicon Valley are among the most delightful on tv. Each season’s name string offers a fresh crop of newsy Easter eggs for devotees and Sunday’s start of the brand-new season was no different.

This time, there’s a very sharp Facebook barb in there. Dunking on Facebook is very in right now, so this is great! Observe 😛 TAGEND

Of course, GDCEBFFZh is not actually a Russian word. Instead, it’s a sequence of notes from the Cyrillic alphabet most similar to the English ones within “Facebook.” The actual Russian word for Facebook looks good-for-nothing like “Facebook.” But you knew that already.

Still, it’s a potent provide comments on all of Mark “Not Sorry” Zuckerberg’s recent hassles. As The Verge points out, the string was likely established when we were all talking about the spate of Russian-influenced content on the social network. The reality that it’s even more relevant the coming week — in the midst of the Cambridge Analytica scandal — is a particularly embarrassing apoplexy of misfortune.

Well, it’s unfortunate for Facebook. It’s kinda funny for us.

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