The Today Show SLAMS Bill Clinton For Making ‘False Allegations’ About That Awkward Monica Lewinsky Apology Interview!

The Today show isn’t about to let another chairman call them fake news!

On Wednesday, Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin defined things straight on the MSNBC host’s contentious #MeToo chat with Bill Clinton, who has since carried some thwartings over how the interview played back.

During his appearance on The Late Show Tuesday darknes, the former chairperson proposed his controversial statements about Monica Lewinsky were selectively edited by NBC, and even claimed Melvin had falsely asserted that Clinton never apologized for his affair with Lewinsky.

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But the fixes are defending their journalistic soundnes! Melvin and Guthrie shot back at Clinton’s “false allegations” about his appearance, with Guthrie pointing out to Melvin:

“I conceive the videotape speaks for itself. You, of course, did not assert that he never apologized. You asked whether he had apologized.”

It’s true-blue — he did!

Melvin added that the edits to the interview were “minor” and the full broadcast could be found online.

Clinton, to his credit, did email the NBC team carrying some unhappines about the interview, admitting it wasn’t his “finest” hour. He only can’t keep his cool whenever someone brings up that pesky liaison!

Watch a longer version of the interview( below) to realise Clinton get testy!

[ Image via NBC .]

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