Photos of these Houston heroes will temporarily restore your faith in humanity

Image: joe raedle/ Getty Images

When Hurricane Harvey came ashore Friday, it was the most powerful hurricane to make Texas in 50 times — and it’s not over yet .

Over the weekend, everyone from members of the National Guard to strong-willed mommies on boats came together to rescue people trapped in their homes and cars. Most of this kind of labor won’t be captured on camera — catastrophic flooding isn’t exactly the best environ for selfies — but fortunately some photos of their gallantry were taken and shared.

Here are just a few of the everyday folks who’ve been busy helping carry the nation’s grandparents, sweet kids, and otherwise vulnerable people to safety.

An HPD officer helps carry 74 -year-old Frank Andrews to safety.

Image: robert gauthier/ Los Angeles Times via getty images

Shardea Harrison looks at her 3-week-old baby held by Dean Mize and Jason Legnon, who utilized their airboat to rescue them from their home.

Image: joe raedle/ Getty Images

A family use an inflatable barge to escape from their inundated home in Houston on Friday.

Image: joe raedle/ getty Images

A Texas National Guardsman carries nearby residents from her home.

Image: lt. zachary west/ Getty Images

People rescued from a inundated apartment complex are directed to a dump truck, which will take them to an removal center.

Image: robert gauthier/ Los Angeles Times via getty images

Officers from Houston’s neighborhood security patrols are busy rescuing both proprietors and their dogs.

Image: scott olson/ Getty Images

Volunteers and members of the River Oaks Neighborhood Security Patrol carry people on ships to safety.

Image: scott olson/ Getty Images

Rescue crews sought for people in distress on Sunday.

Image: recognize ralston/ AFP/ Getty Images

There are, of course, hundreds of other heroes out there just like these people who won’t be photographed, but deserve all the credit and more.

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