It Turns Out Kim Kardashian’s Meeting With Donald Trump Did NOT Go Well!

So remember how after Kim Kardashian West met with Donald Trump to discuss prison reform, we heard nothing but how well the session ran ??

Well, that was some more Fake News from the most frequent creator of it.

Though both Trump and Kardashian had positive things to say, we’re now hearing it may have been a huge waste of time for one side!

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For Kim, the session was about prison reform and the pardoning of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63 -year-old grandmother who is serving life without parole for nonviolent drug trafficking in 1996 — her first offense to boot.

But Bloomberg News reports generators told them all Trump want to get do was talk about how great it was she and hubby Kanye West had helped boost his numbers among black voters. Musics like he wanted to invest some more period on the quid without actually to review the quo.

Speaking of self-centered, Trump did actually pardon someone the next day, but not Johnson!

No, “thats been” conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who was convicted of campaign investment violations, charges his fucking lawyer Michael Cohen may soon face.

He likewise talked about throw away some pardons for Martha Stewart and Chicago governor Rod Blagojevich — “whos” both being pursued by James Comey, whom Trump urgently wants to discredit.

Oh, and he has been talking a lot about pardoning someone else … himself! As ludicrous and unconstitutional as that seems.

So far Trump hasn’t motioned, expressed, or tweeted about Johnson.

Did we mention she’s the status of women of color? Just sayin’…

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