Happy 4th Of July! Here’s How We Can *Really* Make America Great Again!

Clearly Donald Trump is not the person to attain America great.

If you didn’t are well aware that before, you emphatically know that now. ANYWAY, with that replied, we wanted to take a moment on this Fourth of July to share some notions for how we can really celebrate( and deter !) our independence!

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Let’s recollect why we adoration this country and the freedoms it’s supposed to provide by supporting one or all of these makes!

1. Show some love to Strategy Parenthood! The nonprofit and women’s reproductive rights in general are earnestly at risk under Trump’s administration. You can donate by clicking HERE!

2. Protect human rights by supporting the ACLU, which has worked to defend and save the individual their entitlements and liberties safeguarded by the Constitution and laws of the United States for over 100 years. Plus, they’ve been doing a ton of run legal is supportive of households cruelly divided at their own borders. Click HERE!

3. Smile at a stranger! We’re all in this together. Depicting some kindness along the way wouldn’t hurt.

4. Remember to call your representatives! If you’re ever feeling helpless in times like these, just know that your voice DOES matter! Call the people you elected into bureau to represent you in government, and let them know what you think! You can find out who to call HERE.

5. Stop fake news! Be sure that you’re reading and sharing REAL realities and not propaganda or conspiracy theories( clue: the majority of members of those “articles” you see at the lower end of internet pages are probably fake news )!

6. Listen! Take in other people’s perspectives, preferably of those who don’t look like you or have a similar lifestyles. Step outside of your echo chamber!

7. Call out injustices everywhere and anywhere you ascertain them( we intend* actual* unfairness here, people — don’t is just like Trump and dwell on petty pride slights )! Fight for what’s right with pureness and sincerity in your heart, and make sure your voice is peacefully heard!

8. Volunteer, has become a safe room, and don’t be afraid to discuss about important social issues.

Now go out there and build us proud, bbs !!! Happy 4th!

[ Image via Johnny Louis/ WENN .]

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