Dave Bautista Says It’s ‘Nauseating’ Working For Disney After James Gunn Firing!

UPDATE 8: 32 P.M. EST: Bautista has now said he WILL try to get out of his contract — if the script James Gunn already wrote for Keeper Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 is tossed. He told

He tweeted:

Cernovich was one of the promoters of the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory that claimed Hillary Clinton was leading small children sex slave ring out of a pizza parlor.

So they used their go-to assault mode on James Gunn — induce the assertion that the adversary is actually into pedophilia.

Most people understand the difference between a horrendous behave and a frightful joke, but it seems pretty obvious the content being pushed was that he made those jokes about pedophilia because he’s a pedophile.

Bautista is spot on. THAT is a smear campaign.

Disney and others should be wary of these things as they’re simply picking up steam. Don’t forget — as ludicrous as it was, #Pizzagate worked on people too, including a man who charged into the restaurant with a firearm demanding to see the enslaved children. These campaigns don’t only get people fired.

[ Image via James Gunn/ Instagram .]

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