Rule of law ‘virtually absent’ in Venezuela, UN report says

Government forces-out carry out assassinates with impunity, with credible, scandalizing the reporting of extrajudicial killings of young men

Government security forces in Venezuela to be implemented by unjustified assassinates without any apparent significances, as the principles of the rule of constitution is” virtually absent-minded” in the country, according to a new report by the United Nations.

The UN human rights bureau called on the government to deliver perpetrators to justice and said it was sending its report to the international criminal court( ICC ), whose lawyer opened a preliminary investigation in February.

The report published on Friday quoth” credible, shocking” reports of extrajudicial killings of young man during crime-fighting runnings in poor vicinities conducted without arrest warrants. Security forces would tamper with the scene so that there is nothing to appeared to have been an exchange of flaming, it said.

” The failure to hold security force accountable for the purposes of the serious human rights violations suggests that the rule of constitution is virtually absent in Venezuela ,” said Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN high commissioner for human rights.” The impunity must end .”

There was no immediate response from the governmental forces of President Nicolas Maduro.

Quick guide

Why is Venezuela in crisis?

Under the late Hugo Chavez, who ushered in Venezuela’s socialist revolution in 1999, a brand-new constitution and numerous elections placed nearly all government institutions under the control of the ruling Socialist party.

This concentration of ability was aided by a feuding opposition which carried out ineffectual campaigns and electoral boycotts. After Chavez succumbed of cancer in 2013, he was succeeded by Nicolas Maduro who is even less tolerant of dissent.

Growing political authoritarianism has coincided with greater state dominance over their own economies. But expropriations, price control and mismanagement have led to a 40% contraction of the economy in the past 5 year.

Oil accounts for 96% of Venezuela’s export income but many foreign companies have been driven out and make has dropped to a 30 -year low-grade.

The ensuing fiscal crisis has inspired the government to print more money, which contributed to hyperinflation and a collapse of the money.

It also is necessary that the governmental forces can’t import enough food and medicine to meet demand.

Maduro has rebuffed economic reforms out of patriotism to socialism and because many government officials are allegedly getting rich off the economic distortions- through exchange rates scams and by selling scarce food on the black market.

Critics announce Maduro has utilized increasingly authoritarian tactics as Venezuela’s economy has spiralled deeper into recession and hyperinflation, fuelling discontent and stimulating hundreds of thousands to emigrate in the past year.

About 125 people died in anti-government demonstrations last year.

Security personnels are reportedly responsible for killing at the least 46 of them, said the UN privileges spokesman Ravina Shamdasani.

Maduro tells the opposition complains were aimed at subverting him and accuses the United States of guiding an” economic conflict” against Venezuela.

Zeid called on the UN human rights council on Monday to set up an international commission of inquiry into alleged violations in Venezuela- one of its 47 member states.

” The occasion has come for the Council to use its voice to express their views before this tragic downward spiraling grows irreversible ,” Leila Swan of Human Rights Watch said in a statement on Friday.

Venezuela is suffering from an economic breakdown that includes chronic shortages of food and medication and annualised inflation around 25,000%. Maduro blames an” economic campaign” directed by the opposition and the US- which has imposed new sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry.

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