This ‘CRYPTO’ movie trailer is the best thing about cryptocurrency


Image: screenshot/ “crypto”

With all the exit victimizes, strange meat obsessions, and cantankerous fan-boy culture, the nations of the world of cryptocurrency is kind of a drag. And that’s without even touching on the current and continue bear market.

But all that has changed, denizens of the internet. Cryptocurrency is good now, and we owe it all to the trailer for the upcoming crypto-themed action flick starring none other than Snake Plissken himself. Say hello to CRYPTO , the movie that, like its eponymous subject matter, features a cluster of imbeciles opposing over bullshit and frightful security rules.

The trailer for the film, featuring an appropriately bedraggled Kurt Russell, reached the internet on March 11 and oh son did it get our blood move. Run ahead and take a peek. We’ll wait.

Breathtaking, right? Did you take a moment to bathe in the reflected honour of Luke Hemsworth and Alexis Bledel. Yes? Good, let’s move on.

The story, as much as there appears to be one, follows an anti-money laundering expert’s trip-up to small town America and a subsequent run in with the Russian syndicate. But threw that aside for a moment, and let’s focus on the verisimilitude of the thing.

It was simply go up.

Image: screenshot/ “crypto”

From the amazing record labeling structure( hello “KICKBACKS” ), to the apparent Coinbase knockoff DELTA COIN listing bitcoin currency at $983.74( which, LOL ), CRYPTO demonstrates that the true cryptocurrency sorcery happens on the big screen.

I’ll take “Separate blockchain, ” please.

Image: screenshot/ “crypto”

Of course , no crypto thriller would be complete without a bunch of ones and zeros flashing across a character’s computer to signify a hacker. But you needn’t obses, because CRYPTO has that, too.


Image: screenshot/ “crypto”

If there’s one thing the trailer attains crystal clear it’s that CRYPTO the movie, unlike actual cryptocurrency, will never let you down. So go ahead and take out that third mortgage on your mansion, and stock up on tickets now. It will be totally worth it, and that’s a guarantee. And, well, if we’re wrong, then John McAfee will eat his own dick on TV.

The movie is reaching select theaters on April 12, and will also be available on necessitate. We can’t wait.

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