New Zealand mass shooting suspect fires attorney, plans to represent himself: report

March 19, 2019

The alleged crap-shooter, who Fox News is not naming, has been charged with one count of assassination in the attacks on Friday, which became New Zealand’s deadliest mass shooting in modern history. He is expected to face additional charges at his next court look on April 5. NEW ZEALAND MOSQUE SHOOTING SUSPECT ‘CHANGED COMPLETELY’ AFTER TRAVELING TO EUROPE, Non-eu countries, FAMILY SAYS Richard Peters, his former attorney, like to remind…


This ‘CRYPTO’ movie trailer is the best thing about cryptocurrency

March 17, 2019

KICKBACKS . Image: screenshot/ “crypto” With all the exit victimizes, strange meat obsessions, and cantankerous fan-boy culture, the nations of the world of cryptocurrency is kind of a drag. And that’s without even touching on the current and continue bear market. But all that has changed, denizens of the internet. Cryptocurrency is good now, and we owe it all to the trailer for the upcoming crypto-themed action flick starring none…


‘Get rich quick’ belief of crypto investors

March 12, 2019

Despite the publicity, very few people actually throw their fund into this kind of unregulated investment, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s research. Its findings shown 😛 TAGEND Simply 3% of those asked in the FCA’s survey had ever bought cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Those who do buy cryptocurrency tend to expend less than PS200 Just one in 100 people who have not done so said they would in…


What’s the Value of a Facebook Cryptocoin?

March 11, 2019

Just before the Civil War, and long before the Federal Reserve, the United States had 8, 000 kinds of fund. It was a chaotic, mystifying time to buy your groceries. Private banks issued mentions with the promise of backing in amber and silver, but their actual appreciate was anybody’s guess. Soon other companies–drug stores, coal mines, and of course railroads, the wealthy connectors of their day–jumped into the fray. What’s…


Crypto Fans Flee Coinbase After It Hired Hackers for Dictators

March 10, 2019

Cryptocurrency devotees importance privacy. They are distrustful of governments. They’re paranoid about possible hacks. So cryptocurrency consumers were not impressed when Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, partnered with former the representatives of a notorious hacking corporation that sells spyware to oppressive governments. Now some users are fleeing. “# DeleteCoinbase before they delete you ,” @btc, a major bitcoin Twitter account another user wrote above a screenshot of his deleted account….


The Mystery Of The Cryptocurrency CEOs Death Just Got Murkier

March 9, 2019

At the beginning of February, it was reported that the Ceo of cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten, died in India in December. The report was widely reported under for one particular reason, he was the only person to have the passphrase to the virtual money comprises of 115, 000 clients, likening to an expected total of $137 million in cryptocurrency. Right after the news was proclaimed, many initiated to is…


Security token offerings arent looking much better in 2019

March 5, 2019

Pressed to explain who is using them, and why, 99 percentage of cryptocurrencies let out all their breath, proceed flying all over the room making a raspberry tone, made the wall and fall behind the couch forever. The party is over. A few, however, can present a believable use occurrence. “Tokenized securities” could be one of them: a more open and efficient behavior to transact shares and tones as well…


Email Scammers Ditch Wire Transfers for iTunes Gift Cards

March 4, 2019

Criminal hackers construct a lot of money targeting the enterprises and institutes of all kinds with phishing onslaughts that lead to compromised business email. While crooks may have an array of systems in place to launder the funds they steal, researchers have noticed that so-called business email compromise scammers are reclining more and more on the humble gift card. At the RSA security conference in San Francisco next Tuesday, researchers…


This space heater mines bitcoin while keeping your house warm

March 2, 2019

Ethereum’s fork has travelled as planned . Image: Jordan Mansfield/ Getty Images A big upgrade for decentralized app platform Ethereum has proceeded as projected on Thursday. After a failed try in January, which was postponed simply one day before the scheduled upgrade date due to a security issue, Ethereum has now been upgraded to a brand-new version called Constantinople. Another, smaller upgrade called St. Petersburg, was rolled out as well…


HTCs blockchain phone can now be purchased with fiat currency

March 1, 2019

Until now, the Exodus 1 has, fittingly, merely been available for acquisition with cryptocurrency. Starting today, however, interested parties will be able to select HTC’s blockchain phone up through more traditional means, including USD, which prices the handset at a not unreasonable $699. One presumes, of course, if you’ve “ve had enough” of an interested in acquiring a blockchain telephone that they’ve already got a bit of Bitcoin, Ether or…


Hacker who stole 620 million records strikes again, stealing 127 million more

February 19, 2019

A hacker who stole close to 620 million consumer records from 16 websites has stolen another 127 million records from eight more websites, TechCrunch has learned. The hacker, whose directory was the previously disclosed data for about $20,000 in bitcoin on a dark web marketplace, stole the data last year from several major sites — some that has been previously disclosed, like more than 151 million records from MyFitnessPal and…


Coinbase users can now withdraw Bitcoin SV following BCH fork

February 18, 2019

If you’re a Coinbase consumer, you may have seen some brand-new tokens on your account. The Bitcoin Cash chain split into two different chains back in November. It has meant that if you comprise Bitcoin Cash on November 15, you became the lucky owner of Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC. And Coinbase merely started handing out Bitcoin SV to its users if you’re involved in the split. The split happened…


ClassPass, Gfycat, StreetEasy hit in latest round of mass site hacks

February 17, 2019

In merely a few weeks, a single vendor put close to 750 million records from 24 hacked locates up for sale. Now, the hacker has struck again. The hacker, whose identity isn’t known, began rolling user data regarding several major websites — including MyFitnessPal, 500px and Coffee Meets Bagel, and more recently Houzz and Roll2 0 — earlier this week. This weekend, the hacker added a third round of data…


Meet the 20 startups in this years GCT Startup-in-Residence program

February 15, 2019

At the end of last year, Grand Central Tech announced plans to work with the Milstein real estate family to transform a midtown Manhattan high-rise into a tech hub called Company. And startups remain an important part of the mix — in fact, Company is unveiling a roll of 20 startups participating in this year’s GCT Startup-in-Residence program. What does Startup-in-Residence necessitate? Well, Company CEO Matthew Harrigan said the program…


Crypto exchange QuadrigaCX sends 103 bitcoin to wallet it’s locked out of

February 14, 2019

And they’re travelled . Image: Malte Mueller/ getty When it comes to cryptocurrency, things can always get worse. Earlier this month, news transgressed that QuadrigaCX, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, lost access to $190 million worth of patron crypto after the founder died — taking sole knowledge of the report passwords to the mausoleum. Now, it looks like it screwed up again. According to a preliminary report filed by Ernst and…


‘Love Island generation’ skin cancer fear

February 13, 2019

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionKarl Dinis, from Cardiff, has been injecting himself with Melanotan 2 for 10 times and says he adoration the suntan it imparts him. The “Love Island generation” are risking their health by going to see extreme lengths to achieve a perfect suntan, relevant experts has said. Blacking out and vomiting after administering illegal drugs and having them sent from China disguised as…


The plot to revive Mt. Gox and repay victims Bitcoin

February 12, 2019

It was the Lehman Brothers of blockchain: 850,000 Bitcoin disappeared when cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox imploded in 2014 after a series of hacks. The incident cemented the industry’s reputation as frighteningly insecure. Now a controversial crypto celebrity identified Brock Pierce is trying to get the Mt. Gox flameout’s 24,000 victims their money back and build a new company from the ashes. Pierce spoke to TechCrunch for the first interview about…


Bank staff saving elderly from scams

February 10, 2019

Staff noticed the customer was agitated and quietly questioned some more questions in a private chamber. It emerged that the health risks victim had believed they needed to pay an urgent levy invoice or be fined PS50, 000 or sent to jail. The fraudster had called claiming to be an “agent” from HM Revenue and Customs( HMRC) and even indicated the main victims establish deposits to Bitcoin machines located in…


Anchorage emerges with $17M from a16z for omnimetric crypto security

February 9, 2019

I’m not allowed They’re trusting in the guys who engineered Square’s firstly encrypted card reader and Docker’s security protocols.” It’s less about us selecting this room and more about this space selecting us. If you look at our backgrounds and you look at the problem, it’s like the universe handed us on a silver platter the Venn diagram of our skill set ,” co-founder Diogo Monica tells me. This led…